Major Priorities

RESTORE TEACHERS – we must replace the number of teaching positions to pre-2010 levels

In 2011, while complaining about the “deepest state funding cuts to education in decades”, MISD slashed “68 teachers and aides and 65 administrative and support” staff positions. Despite their promises to “minimize the impact on core curriculum classroom”, ISD immediately began replacing teaching position with administrative positions.

In 2013, the district threatened to cut up to 290 teaching positions, unless voters approved a tax increase giving McKinney homeowners the highest property tax rate in the state of Texas.

While increasing overall staffing, McKinney ISD still has 42 fewer teachers, than they did in 2010.

This is not acceptable.

END FORCED BUSING – We must allow Parental Choice within McKinney ISD and devote transportation cost savings for programs and initiatives that will help McKinney’s most needy children.

Since the mid 90’s McKinney ISD has employed a policy of forced busing for SES (Socio Economic Status) balance for schools.

In spite of the evidence that parents hate the policy, it does not improve the academic performance of the targeted student demographic, and the high cost of busing ($8+ million/year), the policy stands.

The result of these two misguided policies is predictable. Enrollment at McKinney ISD is stagnant and McKinney ISD STAAR test are below average in Collin County, and our neediest students score lower than comparable districts in Texas.

OPEN, HONEST AND TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT – Elected officials must be accountable.  All meetings must be televised and available for viewing on the internet with full access to materials and presentations.


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