McKinney ISD Board Approves $60 Million Stadium Project

In early June 2015, a couple of weeks after McKinney voters returned three incumbents to the McKinney Independent School District Board of Trustees, this sign was placed at the southeast corner of Hardin Boulevard  and McKinney Ranch Parkway. There was no public announcement, hearings, discussion, citizens panel or any public hint, that the district, was even considering a new stadium.

isdAccording to documents obtained from the district, board members have approved a 12,000 seat stadium with total costs (construction and land) exceeding $60 million dollars with a projected completion date of August 2017.

Stadium Rendering:



The $62 million price tag includes over $52 million (construction and  associated costs), plus nearly $10 million in land.



District plans propose a August 2017 stadium completion and a May 2016 Bond Election.


The proposed site is located just 3 miles away (as the crow flies) from Allen ISD’s 18,000 seat $60 million stadium, a project that received national scorn, including Forbes noting “wretched excess of the state’s mania for high school football, the kind of schoolboy facility inspired by Jerry Jones‘ understated (that’s sarcasm) Cowboys Stadium. While everyone else — actually, Allen, Texas, too — was dealing with cuts in education funding that those in public schools feared would interfere with learning, here comes one town responding with its own anti-education initiative: a massive, taxpayer-funded monument to concussions.


Although Allen and Frisco can point to stellar academics, McKinney ISD student achievements are less than stellar.

According to the Texas Education Agency, 2014 Accountability Rating System, McKinney ISD ranks 9th among Collin County’s 15 ISD’s in Student Achievement, that “Measures campus and district performance based on satisfactory student achievement combined over all subjects for all students.


Just last week, MISD approved a “$206.7 million operating budget for the 2015-16 school year, with an increase of $9.1 million, or about 4.6 percent, higher than this year’s budget. It assumes an 8.5 percent value growth, which accounts for increased property taxes and resulting state funds, and about 200 more students.

McKinney ISD Superintendent Rick McDaniel said “I think the state can do more, but the thing I admire the most about McKinney is our taxpayers recognize that we’re going to spend their money frugally and get the most bang for the buck, I think we allocate pretty well, considering what the state gives us.”                                                                          

This is not the first time that McKinney ISD has asked voters to pay for a new stadium. In February 2000, McKinney voters approved a $298.5 million bond package that designated $13.5 million to build an athletic stadium and $6.9 million for a natatorium. By 2003, the district decided that “Things like football stadiums and natatoriums are going to have to take a back seat.”

The construction of a $30.2 million Aquatic Center, is set for a July groundbreaking, but this is a McKinney Community Development Corporation (MCDC) and City of McKinney project. McKinney ISD declined to be involved, according to Trustee Lynn Sperry because the “costs were too high”.  The center is located in Allen ISD jurisdiction.

Correction – the Aquatic Center IS located in MISD.

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71 Responses to McKinney ISD Board Approves $60 Million Stadium Project

  1. Leigh Ray says:

    We need another football stadium in this town like we need more rooftops! You all are sadly not representing the local tax payers. Why would you spend that much money on a new stadium when our student achievement rate is the lowest of the larger school districts!! Oh, and how about the traffic issues. This town stinks with all of the street closures and slow construction on US 75 and our property taxes just keep going up. You all, along with the City Council members, should be ashamed of how you are spending money and cheating the taxpayers.

    • CollinFacts says:

      Thanks Leigh – you need to direct your comments to the McKinney ISD Board of Trustees.

    • orangecat says:

      I didn’t know where to put this, so here it is. What seems to be missing here in McKinney is the almost absurd notion that the I & S tax rate- that’s the tax rate used to pay back the bonds, could actually go down. The rate is 50 cents, the highest allowed by law. I believe the school board is very proud that they have enacted the highest tax rate in the state, and they are trying to make sure the rate stays there. I think the reason for the stadium now is that the bonds issued in the 90s and 2000s are quickly being paid off. If those bonds all get paid off, then it would make sense that the bond tax rate would go down.
      What people need to know is that there are actually districts that have been debt-free! Imagine that! I talked to a very nice gentleman the other day in a growing district in Abilene. His district, Wylie ISD, has just passed a $15 million bond issue for 20 classrooms and a 1000 seat auditorium. That district will go into debt for the first time since ’12. Three years with 0 debt! It’s actually possible. Btw, those bonds issued in the 90s and 2000s are mostly for elementary schools. I have requested info from MISD, and all I want is the school opening date for each elementary school. That info used to be on the website, but came off. Does anybody remember the last elementary school that was built? I’m guessing it was in ’10. Is McKinney a high-growth district? I don’t think so. Let’s see, 200 students increase for the last two years, no new elementary schools since when? To me, there are two different questions.

      1. Do we need a new stadium?
      2. Do we ever intend to cut the bond tax rate, or do we intend to keep the highest tax rate in the state forever?

      • JOHN HELMER says:

        In August of 2013 the MISD mailed out a 6 page color brochure with photos of smiling children, which advocated for passage of the tax ratification election. This is how they do it. Smoke, mirrors and children that DESERVE more every year. Instead a lot of the tax dollars go to high-priced administrators and crony contractors. I think they own the school board. That $200 million annual cash flow builds a mighty kingdom. And less than 3 percent of taxpayers ever vote in McKinney. A stadium deal will happen because the band and football kids DESERVE much more, and the bond vote will be passed by friends of the MISD, especially contractors and architects who benefit from the construction. They don’t need the public vote and they don’t want it. That happened in Frisco recently.

      • orangecat says:

        Someone from MISD is definitely watching this blog. She sent to me the info. I requested this MORNING, less than 24 hours after I reported that I needed info. that used to be on the ISD website! Thank you Bobbi!

        Here is a part of the list: Notice the elementary schools in the 90s and early 2000s. The year is the year opened, according to MISD.

        Valley Creek ’92
        Glen Oaks ’94
        R. Johnson ’95
        Eddins ’98
        Wolford ’01
        Walker ’01
        McNeil ’01
        Malvern ’01
        Vega ’02
        Bennett ’02

        I could be all wrong, but I think you have to sell the bonds before you can build a school. Let’s pretend I’m correct and say that the bonds needed to be sold one year prior to the opening date.

        Let’ s assume a 20 year payout and boom, the first three schools are now paid off.
        Almost all of the remaining part of the above list will have been paid off by the time the stadium is finished being built.

        Now, let’s check the amounts of bonds. I will simply round to a nice, even $10 million per school, and I get $100 million becoming available at the end of the 20 years.

        $100 million coming OFF the taxpayers backs! Wouldn’t that be great?
        I can’t even imagine how many cents that would equate to. So, any potential bond committee should have to consider the amount of potential tax cut, vs. the potential greatness of a stadium.

        There are some middle school dollars probably coming off in the next few years as well.

        How many elementaries have been built since ’02? That would be six, and that number includes the Lawson School, which is an Early Childhood School, not even an elementary school.

        When was the last elementary opened? I was right, in ’10 McClure opened.

        Hmmm, a high-growth district? Not so much is it? Six new elementaries in thirteen years, counting ’15-16, I believe. How many elementaries has Frisco ISD built in those thirteen years? I can’t even imagine. 30?

        Pogue must be hurting. Except, that oops, he’s gonna do some refurbishing for McKinney North, I’m sure.

    • TLC says:

      DON’T USE POGUE! My husband is a Master Union Carpenter, and would NEVER work on a Pogue Construction job! Scrubs…

  2. Bill says:

    Although this post has some details that are helpful, and it clearly indicates that this stadium is a surprise to many, it is also laden with some inaccuracies. The distance from the proposed site to Allen’s stadium is misleading. Show me anywhere on a map how you can get to allen stadium in 3 miles…unless you fly. LOL Also, that stadium in Allen brings of all things…..BUSINESS AND REVENUE to the area. JOBS!!!! This story is obviously trying to sway opinion rather that stating all the facts about the surprise. Welcome to America. It is an argument that tries to convince readers that this stadium is not required. Additionally, there are plenty of reports published that clearly show McKinney ISD ranked as not only in the top 30% of the state, but in the nation. I have some stories about how numbers are fudged in some of the other ISD’s just to ensure the ranking is higher! McKinney is a sleepy little bedroom community that always misses the boat on bringing big business to the area. The old guard is trying to keep it that way. Tons of homes and small business but the big ones seem to go to others. Cabela’s ring a bell. Toyota? Cowboys practice facility. It’d be refreshing to see only the facts published instead of an opinion. American is all about Infotainment and editorials. No such thing as news anymore.

    • CollinFacts says:

      Thanks Bill – 100% of the article is accurate and links are provided. Perhaps you can provide hard numbers and facts for your conclusions.

    • CollinFacts says:

      Thanks Bill – all of details are 100% accurate and I provided all of links to the original sources.

    • Eric says:

      Not sure how the Allen stadium that cost about 60 million is bringing in jobs and revenue when its closed due to lawsuits on the cracked upper levels. If they have settled that lawsuit, I have yet to hear about it.

    • Peter says:

      I believe the main point (and gripe) expressed in this article is that our city representatives and MISD did not present this whopping expenditure as a referendum to the public. Could this be where those significant property tax hikes sold to the pubic as “for education” are for? Seems you have your own agenda, too, Bill.

      I also recall reading that the construction of the Allen Stadium was wrought with incompetence, and that its very foundation is already cracking and in need of repair, so tack on untold and unending expenses trying to keep it from falling apart. Is that good for Allen taxpayers?? All that for high school football games? I guess some of us have vastly different priorities.

      Finally, I’d really like to see the facts regarding how a mega stadium for high school football games increases jobs and businesses in a city. Can you point to hard evidence of business and job increases (aside from those paid for by tax dollars) that have resulted from the stadium in Allen or any other huge high school football stadium in the area? Are you suggesting that Toyota chose Frisco as its new Texas headquarters because Frisco sold its KFC soccer stadium to Toyota? Seems like it was the other way around – Toyota bought the stadium as a gesture of good faith and in advance of wanting to set up shop in Frisco, plus Toyota’s location is more centrally located in the Dallas metroplex than McKinney.

  3. CollinFacts says:

    Thanks Valarie – check the date for the article from Town Square Buzz. It is from 2013.

  4. JOHN HELMER says:

    Very interesting news and thanks for posting it. That seems like an odd location for the MISD flagship arena. I think that the Hwy-75/Wilmeth area would have served McKinney better as the build-out moves north. I resent this absurd spending for sports arenas. We need sports and band programs but I think education is far more important.

  5. Teacher says:

    You cannot pay for instruction through bond elections. Yes we need more teachers, but this is a differnt pot of money. Stadiums do bring in revenue. Great facilities create an Attitude conducive to achievement.

    • CollinFacts says:

      Thanks Teacher. Can you provide data showing that building a stadium will lead to greater academic achievement for our kids? Seems like I remember MISD administration and board making the same FALSE claims about SocioEconomic Student Redistribution leading to success for our Economically Disadvantaged Kids.

  6. Allen Resident says:

    Although I am not a McKinney resident (but my mother does proudly live in McKinney, and I love the town) I am an Allen resident/taxpayer, as well as teacher and coach. Although it definitely seems like MISD is trying to build a stadium to rival the Allen stadium, I would say (as has been previously stated) the money being used to build this stadium CAN NOT be used for educational purposes (i.e., teacher salaries, classroom materials, etc). So when you argue that case, it’s not a very valid argument. As y’all saw with our stadium fiasco in the media, be prepared for backlash (albeit often uniformed and ignorant criticism, as we the case with the hilarious Forbes article you quoted, which had absolutely no journalistic integrity to stand on) that will be sure to follow. Being that MISD has three high schools, I would definitely believe that y’all need a new stadium for sure. Its impressive that MISD has managed with only 1 stadium this many years in fact. Whatever the case may be, citizens, y’all should feel free to voice your opinion on either side publicly, and then go and vote for or against it when it comes up in the bond election. Utilize your democratic rights to vote and then let the decision stand. (I, personally, hope it passes. Hate having to squeeze into Ron Poe or fight that horrendous traffic just to get there and back ;D)

    • Michelle says:

      Hooray for McKinney! If this is true, then yay, it’s about time. McKinney is desperate for a new stadium. Hope they get it!

    • Barney says:

      So, if the “new” stadium is built and we “keep” Ron Poe stadium – I guess people will say that only Boyd can use the new stadium since they are the “rich” school. NO WAIT! All schools in McKinney are the same because we bus kids around to make sure of it. No school is better than another and all have access to the same resources. SO now, we will have to TEAR DOWN Ron Poe so that no one will have to use such a horrible facility.

      REALLY!?!?!?!?!!? What do you expect when the voters continue to be manipulated by the board. Why did this information not come out prior to May 9??????

      I bet Lynn Sperry made sure that it was kept under wraps until after the election since it is being proposed in her district and people might not be happy about that.

  7. Imagine what a $62m investment into the education of students would bring with increased access to a variety of programs actually focused on education and advancement. How about a bi-lingual education for 12 years so that every student graduating speaks English and Spanish fluently, or music programs with additional teachers for one-on-one training, or how about a giant pay raise for teachers so that the best seek out McKinney ISD, or even new schools or conversions of portable buildings at present schools? Or even, shockingly, a tax rebate and decrease in property taxes. This is a waste of money that benefits few people in the short term and even less over the long term. It is shameful that a community would acquiesce to such a gratuitous example of hedonistic hubris. This is not what taxes are meant for.

  8. To be among the best in the Frisco, McKinney, and Allen triangle you have to cross the line in the sand. We are now in the 21st century and the operative word is change. I’ve lived in Allen since 1992 when we started Project Kids and the city leadership had a vision about bringing quality businesses to our town. The number one thing relocating companies said they were looking for was the quality of schools. Allen has come a long ways since 1992, we are not the town that copies others, rather the town that others copy (in a good way). That being said, I’ve own a business in McKinney off Hardin and Eldorado the last 5 years, and believe me I can see the tale of two cities. McKinney in my opinion is headed in the right direction, but more needs to be done. We had a heck of a time just finding quality retail real estate to the tune of 4,200 sq. ft. More retail construction needs to be added if you want to compete with the big boys, and may I add that since the times are changing McKinney needs to also change. Old paradigms are just that; old. I say build the stadium and put McKinney on the map. Companies will take notice and it will bring jobs and pride to the city. Good luck!

  9. Rick Hallam says:

    This is a total waste of tax payers $$$. What a joke!

  10. Concerned Citizen says:

    It makes me kind of sad to read this. To find out that our taxpayer money is being wasted away on such useless facilities – it’s just disheartening.
    Don’t get me wrong, I believe there’s a place for sports in our children’s education. It’s just definitely not worth spending 60 million dollars over it – especially when the same result could have been achieved with less than a quarter of that amount.

  11. barbara docekal says:

    I live near this area. It is a total surprise. Seems like it would serve the students better to be located nearer the center of McKinney. This area is almost in Allen.

    • Curt Hoppe says:

      Barbara, it’s a surprise to me too, but it really doesn’t make much sense to conceivably pay more in land and infrastructure costs with decreased accessibility in order to cut 5 minutes off a 10 minute drive for McKinney North;-) The time you would save getting in an out would make up for proximity. So if it goes through (not that I support or protest it), it seems location needs to include consideration for land and infrastructure development costs in relation to ingress and egress.

  12. Anthony Ard says:

    No money will be pulled from education funds for this. All construction done by a school district has to be funded by a bond package that the citizens vote on. Also, there has been a sign ob that corner for a year saying Future Site of McKinney ISD Facility, so this should not really come as any surprise.

  13. Barney says:

    Keep in mind that this proposal is $62 million for 12,000 seats. Allen paid $60 million for 18,000 seats. So in McKinney you will spend more and get less. McKinney is Unique By Nature.

  14. Barney says:

    To your point earlier – it still is $62 million out of the taxpayer pockets.

  15. BrotherT says:

    Why don’t we update Ron Poe?

    I found this link looking for info on the stadium. Yea right:

    • I will be posting a story about these “Transparency” awards later. Stay tuned.

    • ozzmodaus says:

      Ron Poe was built in 1962 and has gone through several updates. Ever wonder why the home side at Ron Poe faces the setting sun (VERY Unusual and backward) because there was no other way to expand the stadium. We now have 2 5A and 1 6A school (soon to be 2 as I imagine MHS will be bumped up shortly). There is no more room for expansion. No room means no more ticket sales….etc those same ticket and concession sales that support the sports and band programs. Ron Poe served it’s purpose and now it is too small to support 5A+ high schools. Ron Poe can be kept and used by the Jr. High schools instead of the practice field at MHS. That land can also be used for expansion of Faubion Middle School if needed.

  16. Concerned Tax Payer says:

    MISD provides a mediocre education to the children of its overtaxed residents, but now we have a nice football stadium to put 12,000 folks into on Friday nights. Can’t wait to see the ROI drive down our tax rate (smell the sarcasm?). Note to voters, be educated on the MISD proposals you’re voting for because your children’s education is not being well represented in this great town.

  17. Real McKinney Mom says:

    I only found this article through a shared link. You’ve got some interesting info…& some creative bias here. While it’s totally your right to publish your own “stats”, this certainly shouldn’t be confused with fact-based journalism. 😉

    We built in 2004 & have 2 gifted students enjoying the perks our MISD taxes afford them. We also live within a mile of this site so our property values will be impacted. It seems like just yesterday we were trying to decide if we should move before proposed Sect. 8 housing changed our community. Now, an impressive stadium that WILL bring businesses & attention to our McKinney athletes?! We are thrilled! Surely the lessons learned in Allen will make McKinney’s construction more successful.

    People who say, “Why wouldn’t we use that money for educational purposes?” must not understand how the budget allocations work. Do some research. Yes, teachers deserve higher pay, but the line items don’t come from the same pot of funds.

    I remember when this corner boasted a “future site of MISD administration…” sign a couple years ago. I’m glad to see it’s finally in the works & hopeful the plans will proceed! Ron Poe is an outdated tear-down & our athletes could benefit from better college exposure. We’re looking forward to Friday night lights…

    • If you are disturbed by my “bias”, you should be outraged by the propaganda that emanates from the Communication Department of McKinney ISD! LOL

      • Real McKinney Mom says:

        I always try to form my own opinions based on responsibly vetted facts. I don’t buy into propaganda from the city either. 😉

  18. Ann says:

    for the record, I was the ONLY resident who showed up at the last school board meeting. Although the stadium is not on the agenda (yet), citizens are allowed 3 minutes to speak on any topic they wish. I used my 3 minutes to voice my opposition against the current chosen location. I wish more people would show up at the next meeting in August!!! I plan to show up as many as I can. speak up, people! it’s all well and good to state your opinion on a blog, but you gotta show up!

    • Real McKinney Mom says:

      It’s no wonder why McKinney hasn’t adopted an online forum for live sessions! LOL Sounds like the board would rather present & pass motions without community involvement. Sometimes they get it right. Sometimes they totally miss the mark. Ann, you deserve a “virtual clap” for making the meeting in person! No sarcasm here – we DO need to be better represented.

      • JOHN HELMER says:

        Academic excellence should be the primary focus of public education. I don’t think the taxpayer should be forced to pay for extravagant arenas or host violent games that can permanently injure children. Our representative democracy allows elected school boards to dictate policy without direct public consent. This will not change unless the public demands it.

  19. One More Opinion says:

    The fact that we would consider such an expensive endeavor is amazing. If you really want some interesting facts ask for the MISD budget and look into the amount spent on individual sports and activities..
    Compare how many dollars are spent on Football per student vs. ANY other sport (or other activity) per student.
    What is the average grade point of Football athletes vs. any other sport or group (Band, Speech, Tennis, Volleyball, etc)?
    What sport has the most serious injuries per player?
    What would happen if ALL the Football dollars were spent on tutoring for poor performing students?
    What is the rate of College Scholarships per athlete in Football vs any other sport or activity?
    How may students play football after high school vs. swimming, playing an instrument, tennis, basketball etc.
    Time to re-think the money we spend on the sport!

    • Barney says:

      The budget “public forum” was last month. They only shared the “public forum” announcement (as required by law) on the agenda which takes several clicks to get to. BUT the district puts on the FRONT PAGE a picture of the husband of a BOARD MEMBER for all to see.

      The board does NOT want the public to be informed, because it causes people to ask questions.

      This Board should be a Las Vegas show – because they are great at slight of hand tricks. “Look at my left hand, so you can’t see what the right hand is doing.”

      Can’t wait until they start streaming their meetings. 🙂

  20. Questioning says:

    What happens if the bond election fails a d they have already broken ground?

  21. Barney says:

    Just watched the CBS11 story. IF MISD is saying what “could” be on that site. WHY did they change the wording shortly after the election from “FACILITY” to “STADIUM”. Last time I checked a stadium falls into the category of facility.

    NOBODY had said a thing about the facility sign. They started asking questions when the word was changed to STADIUM. If MISD doesn’t like the questions – they should not have changed the sign.

  22. Gail Bell says:

    As an Allen high school freshman band parent who attended last fall’s game of Allen vs. McKinney Boyd, I vowed at that time to NEVER attend a football game (or any other event) in that stadium again. The size is pathetic – visitor seating capacity barely held the band/Escadrille members, let alone parents or fans of the football teams. Parking was horrible and I ended up in a “less than desirable” neighborhood only to be told by the home side selling tickets that I had to walk completely around the outside of stadium (plus school itself) to enter on the visitor’s side. And by the time I made that walk, the game was “standing room only”. Bleachers are antiquated and the kid’s items kept falling through – down to the soggy grass below. Restroom facilities were few and far between – single stall with door locks that didn’t even work. Seriously you expect three high school teams to continue and share one stadium for how many more years? I would urge McKinney residents and especially parents of high school age students to take pride in their district activities and be open to building a stadium that honors your students and programs; where traffic does not come to a standstill before and after a high school game. No one said you need to compete with the Allen stadium (and no need to further bash the mishap that has now been corrected by builder, architects, engineers, etc.) Come on McKinney – take some pride in a long-standing Texas tradition!

    • Real McKinney Mom says:

      Bravo, Gail! 👏🏻

    • ozzmodaus says:

      I cannot stand Ron Poe…Home is on the wrong side. Facilities are horribly out dated. Yes it is an embarrassment to be a 6A school (Boyd) and play in a 3A stadium. We cannot host any special events (e.g. Marching competitions) because our facilities cannot handle them. Ron Poe was built in 1962 and the location and size shows it.

  23. Byron Lochridge says:

    Since the center of McKinney will eventually be north of 380, & TWO of the high schools are very close to 380, WHY on earth would MISD even consider building a stadium so far south from their three high schools. Can you imagine half the town traffic flowing SOUTH on Friday nights instead of coming from three different directions to a northern site? Hardin is already dangerously overcrowded, & nearby residents cannot exit their neighborhoods during rush hour traffic NOW. Requests for signal lights have been ignored for our area, while many have been installed in locations near homes of city leaders! Imagine that!

    Can the city guarantee the safety of the nearby homeowners, OR do we provide our own protection from teen invaders who feel entitled to harrass any neighborhood they choose with NO repercussions.

    As for the super HIGH rate of taxes we are paying for a mediocre education for students, cutting the over abundance of over paid administrators would be a good start. Yes, our stadium IS an embarrassment, but PLEASE put it in the center of town where it would be convenient for all schools. This location a terrible choice along with the HUD Housing next door! We call that planned slums, orchestrated by the “power princes” of secret meetings & underhanded deals!

  24. orangecat says:

    Speaking of too man overpaid administrators, MISD is hard at work doing that again. Dr. Davis retired as the chief of HR in December. His replacement, a very qualified lady from Plano, started in about February. She got an enhanced title, Assistant Superintendent, to go with the standard 100k+ salary. Okay, but then in July, the district hired ANOTHER administrator to actually RUN the HR department, and he makes exactly 100k.

    That’s right, they hired two 100k+ administrators to do the job that only requires one administrator.

    • JOHN HELMER says:

      I’ve been fussing about a top-heavy MISD for years. They use benchmarking to make sure they are not statistically out of bounds. I think the school board is owned by the wide receivers of the mountain of cash raised from McKinney taxpayers each year. The only remedy is to mobilize the voters, and the district knows that will never happen.

  25. Enough says:

    Even more disturbing than the football stadium is that one board member keeps pushing a personal agenda for Serenity High School to get a new building. Most of the students that attend that school aren’t even McKinney students. The cost for educating these kids is unsurpassed at over $66,500 PER STUDENT per year (according to TEA)!!! Now Lynn Sperry wants to build a new facility for the handful of McKinney students that attend that school. The program is a huge pull on district finances and the administrator for supervising 5 teachers and 10-15 students earns over $100K and is never there. Unbelieveable. And no one is addressing this.

    • JOHN HELMER says:

      If we had term limits on school boards the Sperry tenure would have ended long ago, possibly ending the busing and economic stabilization. I don’t see a political solution to all this swagger, considering the apathy of local voters. Getting these stories into the Dallas Morning News investigative reports might be an effective soft deterrent.

  26. Mckinney Bob says:

    I have attended many Misd games this year 2015 with multiple schools and a few things standout. When the city talks about renovation, they do a very poor job of implementing it. Ron Poe, traffic patterns like most of the schools is of very poor desigh, no flow. The parking lot is an incredibly poor design with curbs , islands and no outlets eating up valuable parking space and this is a recent update. You can’t safely walk around the stadium, terrible lighting, trip hazards, poor signage and most lighting in the stadium is in neglect. Sound system is awful and it is my understanding we pay to have this system maintained. Really! Restrooms are nasty contsant running water and handdryers that dont. Ron Poe seats 7000, at the recent cross town showdown, stadium was less than half full. I see no benefit to a new stadium that seats 12k when the city can’t maintain or upkeep the one they have. When we can’t fill up Ron Poe with an all Mckinney event, I beleive that speaks volumes about the misguided effort of the council. If the council is looking for a statement piece, I suggest looking for a venue that can accomidate graduation and family in our city and maybe include a technology center that houses misd offices in the basement. That should free up more parking at Poe. A multipurpose venue , accoustically correct that can be utilized year around, and create a revenue stream. Focus on what matters. The council and administration has not demonstrated good financial judgement. Maybe time for a change.

  27. Jay says:

    No idea why we need more stadiums, I have no problem with spending $60 million on education for McKinney students but a stadium will do absolutely nothing to help educate. If there is a vote to stop this I would be happy to help

    • Carroll Lochridge says:

      Jay as usual with the MISD board the ball is rolling down hill before any significant opposition can develop. In the latest city council meeting (March 1, 2016) it was reported that the bond election will be held in March of 2016. I am certain there are all kinds of fact checking going on but as is the usual case with both the board and city council the real date for an election will be withheld as long as legally possible. BTW if you haven’t read the DMN article written after McKinney P&Z approved the rezoning request for the land facing McKinney Ranch road you should do so because it will probably be the last time you will read a factual article relative to this affair. The article appeared in the Wednesday Feb 24 edition page 5B of the News.

      • John Helmer says:

        I think it should be illegal for Texas school districts to encumber homeowners with bond debt for the construction of non-essential assets. High school stadiums sit idle 99 percent of the time and only serve a fraction of the student population when in use. I think football should be phased out entirely in light of recent research into CTE and other permanent injury to children who participate.

  28. Malena Tressler says:

    Received my property tax bill; it’s up 40%!!!!

  29. Wondering says:

    What are the FICO scores of the persons making the $200 million dollar bond allocation decisions? Have any of them ever filed bankruptcy? Do they have substantial savings? Can they manage funds & portfolios? Do they have degrees in finance? Knowledge about the long-term effects of the bond with regard to all aspects if approved? Just wondering.

  30. orangecat says:

    The district is at it again, with their shenanigans. Trivia question. When was the last time MISD had an open forum during a work study meeting? The answer, 03/17/2016. That’s right, they waited until the last minute and added an open forum to the work study meeting. They are running scared on the stadium issue. Cody talked about Katy ISD and guess what, Katy ISD voters said NO to a stadium the first time. Katy ISD had to come up with another proposition the next year, and this time the dollar amount was more reasonable. Curtis Rippee took a shot at this blog tonight. That’s right, he doesn’t believe in free speech, what a surprise!!! Btw, evidently the dollar amount is $72.8 million total, a number the district will never release. Also, I have officially been informed from the county elections department that the election is May 7. Collin County has known this since “December or January”. Dr. McDaniel told me in an email that the public is to know the election date tomorrow. Let’s hold his feet to the fire. Demand to know when the election is going to be held. Don’t let them hold that info. to the last minute.

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