The Parent’s Plan: An Alternative to Socio-Economic Force Busing

The Parent’s Plan for MISD Attendance Zones

 The Parent’s Plan is a common sense geographic zoning plan for McKinney ISD schools that:

  • Keeps neighborhoods INTACT through schooling at MISD
  • Produces a consistent Feeder system for Athletics, Fine Arts and Extracurricular Activities.
  • Creates system wide diversity and balances Socio-Economic factors, without the regular disruptive Zoning Changes.
  • Incorporates and Enhances Parental Evolvement into the decision making process.
  • Encourages Innovative and Creative Educational Options catering to the specific needs of individual students.

 The Parent’s Plan Public ACTION Steps

Each meeting will be televised and archived for later citizen viewing, with full documentation and information available for download by interested parties.

  1. Neighborhood Identification and Analysis – determination of current demographics, growth projections and other factors.
    1. Surveys of Residents
    2. Focus Groups Discussion/Preference Selection of Elementary School – select neighborhood representatives will be given opportunity to discuss preferences with MISD Administration/Teachers and Trustees.
  2. Assignment of Neighborhoods to Elementary Schools – public forum and discussion groups will be held at each Elementary school to determine:
    1. Neighborhood Assignment to Elementary School
    2. Preference determination for Middle/High Schools
  3. Elementary School → Middle School → High School Assignments
    1. Preliminary Assignments will be determined by MISD Administration & Board of Trustees based upon neighborhood preferences.
    2. Feedback and Revision by Neighborhood Groups
    3. Final Assignments by Administration & Board
  4. Periodic Revisions, Due to Parental Choice, Growth and New Schools.
    1. Repeat process with Neighborhoods impacted by new schools.
    2. Develop provisions and process for Parental Choice of school.
  5. Elementary School Financial & Resources Support Balance – obviously schools will have differing support structure in terms of parental and finances. District, in cooperation with PTA’s will monitor needs of specific schools and sponsor fundraising, business partnering with sponsorships and work internship and mentoring support programs.
  6. Evaluation of Alternative Programs including Year-Round School, Early College High Schools (ECHS) programs, expansion of Career and Trade training programs and specialized Magnet and Charter Schools.





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