MISD Socio Economic Student Redistribution – Transportation Update

A spokesperson for McKinney Independent School District, posted the following at the MISD Facebook page, after a citizen posted a link to this blog. MISD also barred the user from posted to the page.

MISD False

Several hours later, the MISD representative restored posting rights and revised their post stating the blog contained “blatant inaccuracies”.


In the interest of fair play and accuracy, I have rechecked my data and analysis, to see if any mistakes were made, after all, they did make a great point about the sources.

Here is the graph that MISD characterized as “completely false” or “blatant inaccuracies”.


Source of the Data

Here is the link to the data and here is the excel spreadsheet with a collection of the financial data, for all of the districts in Texas from 2000 to 2013.

2000-2013 Summarized PEIMS Actual Financial Data (Excel 28,600 KB)

Here is the data for McKinney.

Transportation MISD

There are clearly no errors, blatant or otherwise, for MISD transportation per year.

Transportation Costs of Comparably Sized Districts

Perhaps, the spokesperson had a issue with the districts, that were compared to MISD.

In fact, in 2013, MISD Board President Curtis Rippee stated “Frisco ISD’s transportation budget is $7 million and they only cover 75 square miles compared to MISD covering 109 square miles (45 percent more area)“, inferring that MISD’s high transportation costs were due to the size of the district, not related to the cost of busing.

In 2008, MISD compared transportation costs for MISD versus the following districts.


How have those costs changed since 2008?

New Trans DataThe graph shows that since 2008, Denton and Leander are able be transport their students with much lower costs and with great coverage. During a time period that most districts have cut or kept costs steady, MISD costs have grown dramatically.

Trans updated



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