Parent Comments About MISD Middle School Rezoning

Even wonder if you are alone in your frustration about your kids being rezoned away from friends and neighbors?

Well, you are not alone.

Below is the feedback collected by the district about the proposed rezoning.

The Board of Trustees passed the new map unanimously.

My neighborhood is not impacted by the zone changes. However, while rezoning and sending more students to Dowell, why is the small portion of Stanford Meadow pulled out from Bennett to go to Evans and then back to Boyd? They should stay with the rest of Bennett students and go to Dowell, instead of splitting off for middle school to go to Evans. The rest of their neighborhood goes to Dowell, and you’re wanting to send more students to Dowell and ease crowding at Evans. It seems to help both of those measures and help the students stay in contact with their peers from elementary through middle school and into high school.
Great idea!!
Please consider re-zoning Stanford Meadow to Dowell.  We had no idea when we moved from California three years ago that our wonderful elementary school, Bennett would send all of their students EXCEPT Stanford Meadow to Dowell.  This constitutes roughly 6-8 students from the 500 currently at Bennett that will  go to Evans.  At Bennett, the Evans students don’t come to speak to the 5th graders.  The Evan’s Band doesn’t come to play for the 5th graders.  Only Dowell is represented on the Bennett Campus which is very disheartening to the 6-8 Stanford Meadows students.  I am very involved in McKinney ISD, I am on the Bennett PTO board and was part of the McKinney CAN Community last year so I know that it is very difficult to change a proposed re-zoned map.  However, I would ask that you please reconsider including the Stanford Meadows community into the Dowell Middle School map.  Thank you, ———————————— – Mom to a Fabulous 2nd and 3rd Grader a the Very Best School in McKinney, Bennett Elementary
I understand the need to adjust boundaries. I am frustrated, however, with the splitting up of McNeil Elementary students. These students leaving fifth grade for middle school will be split three ways: those with siblings at Evans, those zoned for Dowell, and those zoned for Faubion. At a time in their lives with a lot of transition, losing two thirds of their familiar classmates would be detrimental I feel. I would prefer to see boundaries drawn that don’t split current elementary boundaries.
I am very happy to hear that the district is in works to readjust the middle school boundaries. We have lived in Mallard Lakes for two years, and I have had concerns about the current middle school boundaries for the two years we have been here. Every morning and afternoon I drive past one middle school (Cockrill) to get to our zoned middle school (Faubion). This makes no sense to me economically or otherwise. Faubion is 4 miles away, Cockrill is 2 miles away, Dowell is 2.2 miles away, Evans is 3.9 miles away, and Johnson is 4.9 miles away from our home. As you can see I am having to double our mileage twice daily than is needed. Most of the middle schools are closer to us then the one we have been zoned for. You might suggest the buses, but I will say, “What if my child wants to participate in after school activities to be a more well rounded student?” There are no bus services for this. I currently see a young man from Boyd H.S. every afternoon walk all the way from Boyd home having to cross high way 75 and the traffic on the service roads. This is not safe, and makes no sense. There is no bus service for him, and for what ever the reason his family is not there to transport him safely home either. I understand the need for economic diversity and support it when the avenues to achieve this are more logical. Mileage from home to school needs to be seriously taken into account. There are plenty of higher end economics closer to Faubion then we are. There are plenty of lower end economics on the west part of Mckinney also. I would love to see Mallard Lakes going to a school that is closer so students can walk to and from school in a safer manner if they stay after school to participate in extra curricular activities and not rely on working parents to get them home. More often then not most kids probably can not participate because of how far away school is from home with the current boundaries. Cockrill is the closest at 2miles, Dowell is the next closest at 2.2 miles, and Evans is still closer at 3.9 miles to Mallard Lakes then Faubion middle school which is 4 miles. Please place us in any one of those three schools that are closer, it would be much appreciated and our family for one would be able to better support our middle school and their extra activities and fundraisers.
Our children are zoned for Bennett Elementary.  Why not keep them with the children they grow up with instead of seperating them and making them go to another middle school.  Shouldn’t you do your best to keep the kids together.  This is ridiculous! Keep the kids together.
Explain how “Socio-Economic Diversity” is truly providing more than “left of center” approach to a solid foundation in our K-12 Education system; we are extremely disappointed with the current board and past Supt. and expect more from Texas! We own our home and if I knew 15 years ago what I know now then I would have opted not to move to McKinney and would have enrolled in a Charter School and/or another North Texas District.  That being said, we have been “battered” numerous times with this silly redistricting to better serve the “have not’s” (most of whom are most likely not here legally to begin with) and expect better from our elected officials! Further, how about digging deep into the more affluent areas of Stonebridge Ranch and bus those kids across town for your social experiments; I’m certain the deep pockets would “squash” that very quickly.  In closing, we are 100% against Socio Programs and we all know that costs can be driven down by eliminating such questionable programs.
It is detrimental to students to divide them from their friends when they go to middle school. Rezone a school, not a neighborhood. All McNeil Elementary School students should proceed to the same middle school. If rezoning is necessary, rezone the entire school population so as to cause the least disruption. If you must rezone a neighborhood, do it at the elementary level but keep the elementary-middle-high school track the same and grandfather in those who already attend an elementary school. If younger salinas exist, give them priority for transfer to the school of their siblings or grandfather them in too.
If you could please keep the lines to where the elementary schools feed into the same middle and high schools. All my 5th graders friends are now going to be going to a different middle school. I don’t mind changing from Evans, but if you could please keep all McNeil elementary kids together for middle school.
I am beginning to believe that the school board HATES our neighborhood. Once again, you have proposed splitting our kids from their peers at Slaughter Elem. When I moved here 12 years ago, we were zoned for Dowel. When Cockrill opened, we were zoned for that. NOW you want to move our kids AGAIN, this time to Faubion. WHY cant you just leave us where we are? DO NOT MOVE US TO FAUBION!!!. We are even farther from that school than the neighborhoods just to the North by Randy Lee Lane, but you are not proposing to move them. WHY? WHY US!!! Keep our area, South of Virginia, West of 75, East of Jordan/Norhridge at Cockrill. PLEASE!!! It will NEVER be safe for them to walk across 75 but there are sidewalks to Cockrill if necessary. Why are you not moving kids from Minshew to Dowell they are much closer and you would not have to bus them. WHY is it always the poorer neighborhoods who have to move to a new school. Seems like the rich get to stay at Cockrill and the poorer kids moved to Faubion. I want to know why! You don’t split elementary kids from rich areas but do from poor ones, did you realize that? Do you take that into consideration at all?
We hope you will indeed grandfather in our current 7th grader at Evans.
Your article said that you are “considering” doing it…we vote yes!
I don’t understand why the rezoning. Students should attend schools close to their home.
I understand the recommended changes deemed necessary, however, as the parent of a sophomore at MHS who went through Evans who has a younger sibling attending Evans now and was very excited about this, I would greatly appreciate the grandfather clause to allow our 6th grader to complete his middle school education at the school he is in currently.
Allow 8th graders next year to grandfather at current school.
Looks like a really strange cookie cutter to make it work
We would drive through the entire Evans area just to get to Dowel
I oppose the proposed boundary adjustment for my neighborhood that would put my child at a different school next year. My daughter has gone to school with all her friends since the first grade and is also in the AVID program. There are very few middle schoolers in our neighborhood so moving our neighborhood to a different school makes absolutely no sense. My youngest son attends Wolford and we often play on the playground and wait for her or I will volunteer during reflections. I will have to take this away from him when or if we are rezoned. My daughter is also active in Choir at Evans Middle School too.
I am fine with the proposed changes to Faubion.
My one street, that is not even a half mile long, is zoned for 3 different middle schools.  It is ridiculous that children are bussed MILES from their homes, into neighborhoods that are foreign to them.  This makes parent communication and participation in school activities very difficult, especially for those who are coming from poorer areas.  We have to pass by one school and go under the freeway to get to our zoned school.  A district employee once told me the district promotes “neighborhood schools.”  If you live on the east side of McKinney, this just is not so.  It is time McKinney took into consideration those on the east side, so they too can attend school in or near their neighborhoods.
I’m concerned about my son, who currently attends Mcgowen, will have to adjust to a new academic culture. I left avavalon to flee an abusive relationship and the Cortona apt is the only apt that services my children’s school. Even I was to move again, the proposed new zones for Evans middle school does not include any apt buildings that I could move to ensure that he attends the feeder pattern we have been in since 1st grade. Id be willing to move however there are not any options for apt within the new proposed zones. Single mothers working two jobs to secure financial peace can’t afford to rent houses. Just a thought for the very hard working class single moms.
It seems to me, if the only two schools that have over population are Evans and Cockrill, then a new school should be built between them. Is there a rule or law somewhere that says we can’t? (I know my taxes are high enough, higher than Frisco’s and they build a new school about every year.) Instead of all this busing nonsense, build some new schools. It would make it easier for people if our kids didn’t have to ride the bus for 30 minutes or more both ways. And it would be easier for me to be a more active parent if I didn’t have to drive an extra 30 minutes. Also, it would lower the student to teacher ratio in all schools and be better for the kids and the environment bc many of them would walk to school! And, finally, I worry about my children riding the bus to school for that distance bc, as a middle schooler I remember that on the bus was where a lot of bullying took place. Please reevaluate this decision as it seems the only people who are happy with it are the school board members.
I oppose the rezoning changes. I hate to see McGowen Elementary broken up into so many middle schools. Please reconsider to keep McGowen Elementary at Evans so our children won’t have to see their friends all moved apart to so many middle schools.
We live in Fairview and have planned to go to Evans Middle School despite that fact that it is so far away. Since my daughter was in Kindergarten we have traveled north of 121 and west of 75 for 6 years. Going to Evans is going to be even farther. HOWEVER, now she may go to Faubian and I think that is terribly unfair that in addition to the sheer distance, we would have to also contend with the construction and traffic on 75 North. I have already made plans for my daughter’s ride to and from Evans. I am a single mother and this will put a tremendous hardship on us — one that is even worse than expected. Please reconsider your decision and allow the children that live in Fairview go to Evans so that we don’t also have to deal with traffic on 75.
you guys are separating kids from their friends constantly and its so appalling. As a Senior in High School, i have had to endure your horrible rezoning changes since elementary school. I went from being zoned from bennett to mcneil in 5th grade. later on all the friends i previously made went to dowell and later on boyd. I can not tell you how hard it was to change schools so often as i had to due to no transportation except a school bus. The school bus was my ride to school EVERYDAY of school for the 8 years i lived in mckinney. The fact that you guys want to seperate all the mcneil kids into 3 middle schools is crazy. My brother is going to have to make friends at mcneil then later on make NEW friends at dowell and once again make NEW friends at mckinney high school since were the only ones to have to go through this. were actually considering moving if this gets approved so thank you mckinney isd for not considering my brother.
You’re bringing kids all the way over from far east McKinney to Evans and allowing the Historic District to choose their MS. And that’s smart how? Busing kids from the historic to Dowell instead of Faubion? Wow. Nice politics.
I just reviewed the proposed plan for middle school boundaries for the next school year.  Once again I am disappointed to see MISD considering splitting schools, this time from elementary to middle school. Entering middle school is very difficult for most students, but add in being separated from your friends and it can be truly negatively impactful to a child’s development.  A child’s peer group is extremely important.
I noticed that the Standford Meadow neighborhood which attends Bennett is being pulled from all others from Dowell and moved to Evans while those living in Arbor Glenn and attending Wolford would be moved from Evans to Dowell.  This seems unnecessary to say the least. Leave these neighborhoods with their elementary friends.
I urge MISD to consider the impact of splitting schools on the students.
Thanks you for your time and service to our community,
My daughter attends McNeil. The new zoning will split her school between dowell and faubion. I 100 percent AGREE with the new proposed changes. This would send us to dowell which is 2.1 miles from my home and the other half of her school would go to faubion which is 5.9 miles from my home. A group of moms is going to fight for McNeil to be kept together at one middle school. I would be very upset if this happens and my daughter was sent to faubion due to the distance it is away from my home. Please vote yes to pass the current proposed changes and keep McNeil split up to dowell and faubion like proposed.
Why would there be no transportation for a child who was grandfathered to stay on their current campus ? Both my husband and I work , and would not be able to commute her to and from school everyday . My child loves Evans Middle School and would be disappointed if they could not return for the 2015-2016 school year .
We go to Bennett Elementary and most all students go to Dowell EXCEPT our neighborhood. This is so hard for children that have been with the same friends since kindergarten.  Only a handful go to Evans and I don’t understand why this small percentage cannot stay with their peers
Please do not divide our Association in two once again.  We lose valid owners when we tell them they have two choices of where their children will attend school to all of the neighborhood children.
I have a child currently in 7th grade at Evans and Twins currently at McGowen. From what I am reading they will be allowed to attend Evans because of their sister. My question is what happens to them the following year when sister is no longer at Evans. Will they be allowed to finish at Evans or will they be forced to change to Faubion?
I recommend that if Faubion is going to have an influx in students that the staff there be reevaluated and staff be hired that can handle such a big increase of students.  There are a lot of unnoticed, unacceptable activities that happen there without anyone noticing. It just amazes me the things that go on and that are unseen there.
This change will affect many children as it will my son and busing should still be provided.    My son is Section 504, GT, band, UIL, you name it he’s there.  Change is very bad for him!! Cockrill has been very good for him!!  I understand the need for this change but don’t make it affect full-time working families who can’t transport their kids daily especially ones with behavioral and social challenges!!
Under the proposal, my son will be traveling all the way into North East McKinney to attend school at Faubian?
Guess you just set the dates I need to move by.
I recognize the need for the boundary change. I knew to expect that when we moved to a rapidly growing community. I just have a suggestion for you in order to help the residents understand the decision making process. Is it possible to share the data you use to make these decisions(ie. # of students in current zoned area per school vs # of students per school in proposed zoned area.)
I think it makes sense to rezone our neighborhood to Faubion Middle School, it would put our students going to school with more kids that will feed into the same high school.  Currently, going to Cockrill, we are a very small number of students that feed into Cockrill and then go to McKinney High School.  However, it does bother me that through the years our subdivision is always affected by the rezoning.  We have lived in the same house for 14 years and have watched the middle school boundaries change from Dowell, to Evans, to Cockrill, and now changing again.  I do hope you stick with the grandfathering of current students, as my child is currently in 7th grade and doesn’t want to change middle schools his 8th grade year.  Thank you
During the early school years, parents and children develop community.  By dividing classmates as they transition to middle school and high school, you lose that connection.  Elementary schools should feed into certain middle schools, and middle schools should feed into certain high schools.  If enrollment balance and socio-economic diversity exists within the elementary schools, then it will continue at the next levels.
As a result of a past bond election, MISD purchased land at the intersection of Hardin and McKinney Ranch, which could possibly be a site for a new middle school.  As I am sure the school board is aware, development in McKinney is beginning to flourish again, and I feel that these rezoning efforts will be temporary band-aids at the expense of the neighborhoods affected by this change.
In our current mapping we are districted to Evans.  Looking at the map of our neighborhood we will be re-located to Dowell.  Our driving distance will be longer.  This map makes no sense.  Why do the Wilmeth students go to Dowell or Minchew school district attend Dowell considering they are right across Virginia Parkway. considering they are closer to Dowell then Cockrill.  We would like to petition to continue to attend the Evans school.
I do not think it is a good solution to separate a elementary school to different middle schools. I am also VERY against having to drive across town to take my student to school especially when we have several middle schools closer to us than the one proposed for her to attend.  My son currently is at Evans and one of the reasons we haven’t moved from our neighborhood is so that my daughter can also attend the same school that her brother attend.
We’ve driven the 25+ minutes it takes us to get to Evans for almost two years without complaining. But now we’re being switched to Faubian, which has a lower rating and is basically just as far away. We’re in walking distance to the Lovejoy district. I would rather you switch us to Lovejoy if we have to move. But we love Evans and do NOT want to switch to Faubian.
Currently all of Standford Meadow feeds into Bennett Elementary.  Since you are trying to reduce attendance to Evans, it would be great to keep all the Bennett students together and zone them into Dowell.
Thank you.
We are currently zoned for evans but with the rezoning that would put is at dowell, which is completely fine. However our current elementary school McNeil has a host of moms who are petitioning to not have the kids spilt up since most will go to faubion and the rest to dowell. We are much closer to dowell then any other school and considering the amount of bus time that would need to be added to my daughters day just to appease some moms who can’t stand the thought of their kids having to make new friends makes zero sense to me.  Our neighborhood is not a part of theirs and is seperated by several blocks, it doesn’t make sense to accommodate an entire elementary grade from one school just so the kids don’t have to be split. We are in full support of the rezoning boundaries that allow our daughter to attend dowell as long as they allow us to be transported to the nearest school and not based on splitting a grade up. To entertain a group of moms whose biggest concern is losing their own friends they’ve made thru their children is absurd.
Not that this boundary adjustment affects me, but it seems like more thought needs to go into this planning. Wouldn’t you think it would make more sense if the area north of Eldorado/east of Ridge would be zoned for Dowell, instead of the Eldorado Heights area (south of Eldorado/east of Lake Forest)? Those kids would be going to Boyd anyway, so they should go to a middle school with kids mainly zoned for Boyd. The kids in Eldorado Heights are zone for MHS. So put them with kids they won’t go to high school with? It just doesn’t make sense to me.
I am writing to voice my concerns for the 2015-16 proposed middle school boundary adjustment. The reason why we decided to build our house where it is now is because of the schools that our kids are going to be able to attend. If this adjustment go through, we will be force to have them attend a school that we have not made plans for. We have family friends that is already attending Cockrill Middle School and our kids have been planning and looking forward to it. This will cause additional emotional stress on them since we do not have any other family members in Texas. This was the only chance for them to see familiar faces in school and have people around them that they know, trust and able to turn to at this important emotional adolescence age. Please reconsider another adjustment or if possible, allow our kids to still attend Cockrill Middle School. We will provide all necessary transportation and will not burden the school or McKinney ISD with any assistant or concerns.  Thank you for your time can consideration.
By looking at the map and current crowding I think the plan looks acceptable. Thanks.
I object to the current proposal due to the fact that Arbor Glen,a small older neighborhood of about 10 kids,would be the ONLY neighborhood from Wolford that does not matriculate to Evans.
The small number of kids in Arbor Glen will not meaningfully impact any re-zoning goals or effect bus routes as Arbor Glen would get a bus to Evans or Dowell
This change to Dowell means sending my children to Dowell knowing no one from elementary school. It further isolates the kids from Arbor Glen from all others at Wolford.
Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and your Service on the Board. ————————————
Dear Board Members, I truly appreciate the hard work you are doing to address our over crowded middle school situation. I want to say that at this point I am in full agreement with your current proposed map that has Arbor Glen attending Dowell MS. I think it makes much more sense for our neighborhood children to collectively move from ms to high school together rather than divided as it  now at Evans. Personally it is much more advantageous for the students who have formed bonds in athletics and the arts to continue on to the same high school together as in the case of all of Dowell students going to Boyd together vs. Evans splitting into 2 high schools. Please consider leaving the map as is, moving Arbor Glen to Dowell MS. Thank you, ————————————
I have children in 3 schools: McNeil, Evans, and MHS.  I understand the need to alleviate the overcrowding at Evans.  I would like to propose we look at an alternative to the proposed plan.  In looking at the maps, both current (for all levels) and proposed, I am concerned.  I have no problem changing to Dowell as it is a good school from what I know.  My concern in sending part of McNeil there (which would probably be less than 50 students) is first, it doesn’t really alleviate over crowding at Evans and second, those students will then go on to MHS while most of their classmates at Dowell will go to Boyd or MNHS.  That isolates these students and creates a situation where they know or have a connection to very few students at both Dowell and MHS.  Please consider rezoning a larger group from Evans to Dowell that is already zoned for Boyd.  I would propose Bennett, which already splits between Evans and Dowell, or Wolford, which is all zoned for Boyd.  Our neighborhood, as well as Legends of McKinney, which is also slated for rezoning, has been affected in the past by rezoning.  We were changed from Reuban Johnson, our closest school, to Bennett, and then 2 years later to McNeil.  I know it wasn’t these particular students who were involved but it did affect our families and our neighborhoods in general.  Lastly, what I think the BEST solution to the overcrowding would be is to build another middle school.  This is better in the long run to avoid additional overcrowding, schools that are too large to manage, and rezoning. Thank you.
My daughter is currently in elementary but hearing that she may be going to Faubian really disappoints me.  Faubian is further and the reason we moved here were for the schools but now I’m not so sure
My son isn’t yet in Middle School, but I am not happy about the proposed changes.  Being in Fairview, it really has never made sense how far we have to travel to attend schools and the proposed changes would have us traveling even further.
I am in favor of the new boundary adjustments showing Arbor Glen going to Dowell Middle School. Arbor Glen is one of the neighborhoods that is split from Evans that is zoned for Boyd High School. I think it would benefit the students to be zoned to Dowell and move onto Boyd and keep the bonds they have established through the early teen years. I thank you for your time and all your efforts.
Best regards,
I am in favor of the new boundary adjustments showing Arbor Glen going to Dowell Middle School.
Arbor Glen is one of the neighborhoods that is split from Evans that is zoned for Boyd High School. I think it would benefit the students to be zoned to Dowell and move onto Boyd and keep the bonds they have established through the early teen years with peers.
One other thing is my son would be safer if he chose to ride his bike to school. He could go under the roads with the tunnels built for safety.
I thank you for your time and all that you do for all the students of McKinney Independent School District.
Best regards,
I already have a son in 6th grade and next year my daughter would be going to Evans.  I want all my kids going to the same school and I DO NOT want to transfer my son out of the school.  I want consistency his education just as I do with my two daughters coming up.  We have one more year of rent at current home then we will be moving within Evans Zone.  What is the likelyhood that they will be able to stay at EVans and have bussing for them?
thank you
My children are zoned for and attend Wolford Elementary.  It is unfair to expect my children to develop friendships for 6 years and then be asked to start completely over making friends at a new middle school.  6th grade is difficult enough with personal development both physically and emotionally for children and to add moving to a different school than the rest of their classmates, is not in the best interest of the children.  There are only a handful of students that will be effected by this move, so it won’t begin to make a difference in the overall numbers of students at Evans vs. Dowell.  Please keep our neighborhood, Arbor Glen, zoned to Evans middle school OR change us to Glen Oaks elementary, which will feed into the appropriate school.  Our surrounding neighborhoods already are zoned Glen Oaks and Dowell; therefore, if there must be a move, please zone us for the elementary school that will feed into the middle school we are zoned for.    Both Dowell and Evans are excellent middle schools, however, by the time my boys reach middle school, I want their developed friendships to continue on through middle school to give them a smoother transition into a new stage of their personal and educational development.
My name is ————————————.  I live in Arbor Glen.  I have a 3rd grader at Wolford Elementary School.  This rezoning will have a direct impact on my family and I FULLY SUPPORT the current proposed map showing Arbor Glen rezoning to Dowell Middle School.  Thank you board, so much for your selfless time and service.  I know your position is typically a thankless one.  I appreciate all you do for MISD and the community.
Why are the kids bused to schools outside their neighborhoods that are only accessible by busing?  Cockrill is 4.18 miles away from our home, accessible only by busing and most of that on highway 380.  Dowell Middle School is 2.07 miles away, and easily accessible by riding bike or even walking, and via bus on neighborhood streets.  I find it disturbing that the ISD would rather promote riding on a bus, going twice as far so wasting gas, mostly on highway 380, with out the safety of a seatbelt.  This isn’t the best decision when there is a middle school accessible less than half the distance.
I AGREE with the current proposed map showing Arbor Glen going to Dowell Middle School.  Thank you for your time and service.
My children are zoned for and attend Wolford Elementary.  My boys are 3 school years apart; therefore, it seems absurd to drive 2. 2 miles to Woldford elementary and then turn around and drive 2.5 miles in the opposite direction to drop my child at Dowell middle school, when Evans is directly next door to Wolford.  If my children attend an elementary school for 6 consecutive years and develop friendships, why should they have to leave all of those friendships and move to another school when there is a perfectly sound campus directly next door to the elementary school?   Please keep Arbor Glen at  Evans middle school.
Agree with new boundariy change moving arbor Glen students to Dowell middle. Wish that we never left Dowell!
I am very concerned about the adverse effect this zoning will have on Faubion Middle School.   The proposed rezoning (without having exact socioeconomic info. on proposed area) appears to actually remove socioeconomic diversity OUT of Cockrill and Evans – and INTO Faubion.  After looking at the 2013-2014 Campus Improvement Plan (all I could find) for Malvern Elem. (currently zoned for Cockrill) – and seeing the 77% free-reduced lunch population – I am VERY concerned that the proposed rezoning will result in Faubion Middle School (currently 35% free-reduced lunch according the Campus Improvement Plan 2014-2015) becoming a Title 1 campus.  Can Malvern be divided between Dowell and Faubion or better yet remain at Cockrill – in order to equally distribute the socioeconomic population of that campus. I also see that McNeil Elem. is being split into three separate middle zones – how can that happen?    Can the McNeil area be rezoned for Faubion and the proposed rezoned area in east corridor be slit between Evans/Dowell/Cockrill in order to keep fair distribution of socioeconomic diversity between the East and West sides of 75?
I am very concerned about the proposed boundaries. What you are proposing will certainly make Faubion a Title 1 school. In addition, this will remove most all socio-economic diverse areas away from Cockrill/Evans. I would really like for the board to state it’s true intentions, so that as homeowners we can understand what the impact might be on our property and resale values. Without more information, it is difficult to provide clear suggestions. But simply from looking at the proposed boundaries, I would suggest moving all of McNeil to Faubion, and  your proposed Cockrill to Faubion(Malvern area) to Dowell. That would allow for all McKinney middle schools to share in socioeconomic diversity. Unless that is not your intent?
I object to this boundary change proposal.  Why would Arbor Glen neighborhood be zoned for Dowell when the rest of Wolford in zoned for Evans?!! It doesn’t make sense! Don’t do it!
Thank you for your work on the boundary issues. I know it’s a huge deal that concerns many McKinney citizens. Although my neighborhood isn’t affected, I would like to express my opinion that Arbor Glen (CURRENTLY zoned Wolford, Evans, Boyd) should remain zoned for Evans rather than moving to Dowell. Only a small number of kids is affected but I think moving them away from their friends just as they make a huge change at the middle school level will really negatively impact their emotional balance. Please keep all of Wolford at Evans.
Please keep Arbor Glen at Evans.  It is a small neighborhood with just a few students.  It is unfair to those students to be separated from the piers at Wolford.  Why not let Arbor Glen go to Evans the Stanford Meadow Bennett students go to Dowell with the rest of their classmates?  Please consider this option.  I think it would make two small groups of students better adjusted.
McNeil is one of the smallest MISD elementary schools with only 99 fifth graders. The other 3 schools feeding into Evans have a much higher enrollment. We moved into this area because of theschools the children would be attending.  Now to hear you want to bus just our area to a school not even close to our homes is unbelievable.
My daughter and son will be affected by these proposed changes which honestly don’t really make much sense. You hare moving a small portion of students that have cultivated friendships to an area where they know no one just so that in a few more years you will move them to a HS where again they will know no one. My children’s current MS is Evans, most of Evans zone will be going to McKinney High, the proposed changes you have made the children they will be currently attending with will later be going to Boyd. These changes fragments their relationships at the elementary level and then again at the middle school level. School is difficult enough with how children treat each other and throw in the fact that they will have very few friends that move on with them and they have the higher chance of being social outsiders. I am completely against the changes and propose instead that Eldorado Point be allowed to either stay at Evans or be moved to Dowell and the neighborhood you have near Faubion stay near Faubion instead of these areas both being bused across town and fragmenting their relationships multiple times.
Thank you,
————————————, ——————
I think our neighborhood of Village on the Green should be included in the boundary adjustments.  We currently only have 2 middle schoolers in the neighborhood and would benefit from being moved to Dowell.  Evans is the closest middle school, but at 1.5 miles down Lake Forest and Eldorado, I am not comfortable with my daugher walking to school.  For her to use the safer irrigation trail, she would be walking a total of 2.5 miles each way.  The hours for middle school are later than elementary, and as a single mother, this poses difficulty in getting her to school.  Also, there are no before school programs (such as Club 360 for after school elementary care) and the doors to the middle school also open only 30 minutes before school starts, as opposed to 45 minutes at the elementary school.
Dear MISD Board Members, I am writing to say that there’s an impression that ALL of Arbor Glen is opposed to the newest map sending our kids from Wolford to Dowell. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. After polling many of my neighbors in Arbor Glen MOST are in fact in favor of our children going to Dowell. It would be such a luxury to have them attend the same middle and high school together. The parents of only elementary aged children in Arbor Glen do not understand like the families who have experienced middle school and know the advantages to having your children stick with the same groups throughout middle and high together. Parents of elementary school aged children do not have the advantage of our perspective. Please know that although there seemed to be a ground swelling of opposition to the map showing Arbor Glen going to Dowell in fact that is not the case. There was an assumption made by a “spokesperson” to the board that was misinformed on the neighborhoods opinions and feelings on this topic. Please consider keeping the map as is, Arbor Glen=Wolford-Dowell-Boyd as many people are happy with this. Thank you for all your hard work.
I am saddened to hear the possible rezoning of arbor glen from Evans. We selected living here due to the incredible schools we were zoned to go to. I understand my neighborhood isn’t beingbrezone at this time, however it is still my families wish, to keep ALL our Wolford students together at Evans!!! I appreciate your help with this. I understand it is a very small amount of students projected to move, so I can’t see the logic there ESP since they will all attend the same elementary school. I also fear as were the next neighborhood over, we could get rezoned as well….which breaks my heart! I pray you rethink this and keep all together at Evans!!!
I have reviewed the proposed zoning change and would like to express my concern. I have 3 children who attend McNeil. While I appreciate the district’s desire to balance the schools socio-economically, I would like to think they will also take into consideration their mental, and social implications on splitting up the students into 3 separate MS. McNeil is one of the smallest MISD elementary schools with only 99 fifth graders. The other 3 schools feeding into Evans have a much higher enrollment.
-Those grandfathered into Evans (which I believe is only like 5 families) will take no friends with them.
Thank you for allowing us to share our concerns, and I absolutely hope you reconsider this zoning.
I am opposed to the zoning proposition that states that McNeil Elementary should be split between 3 middle schools, Faubion, Dowell and Evans. I DO NOT want McNeil fifth graders split up. I feel that there are better options. The three schools that feed into Evans have a much higher student population than McNeil Elementary. We only have 99 students, which makes us a very tight community. Currently I am serving as the PTO president at McNeil. It is a majority consensus that we wish to not be split, nor do we wish to drive to Faubion Middle School. While all schools in MISD are amazing, driving nearly 6 miles when we have a middle schools that are 3.5-4 miles away seems unreasonable. Another reason I do not wish the new zoning to be passed is that the 5th graders at McNeil have already been introduced to Evans. They have had the students from Evans at McNeil to share experiences and opportunities about Evans. It is February, and a majority of the fifth graders started this year planning on attending Evans. Not just for the friend aspect, but for the classes, the teachers, the electives, etc… There are many other reasons to for not wanting this proposition to pass, and I have provided them in an email to the school board.
A few suggestions that I have are 1) since McGowen is zoned for three middle schools, zone their students for Faubion and Dowell. They have a higher enrollment in their fifth grade class than McNeil and cover a much greater area on the map than us as well. 2) Place the students that are located in the Stanford Meadows subdivision at Dowell. I have spoken to a representative from that community. She says they are wanting this change. 3) Move Wolford students to Dowell. Many parents I have spoken to from Wolford want this change due to the fact that those students will attend Boyd. 4) Bus the students that you have zoned on the east side of McKinney to Dowell instead of Evans. You will still have the diversity that you looking are for in the middle schools.
These are just a few options that I have come up in order to keep the McNeil students together and possibly stay Evans, if not Dowell. I am sure with more time we could work together to find the best solution. Thank you for your time.
We object to the re-zoning proposal as we would like to see all of Wolford current students attend Evans.   Thank you.
I am not opposed to rezoning Arbor Glen neighborhood from Evans to Dowell middle. They are equal distance from our neighborhood, and we are not within walking distance. While it certainly will break up our existing Wolford Girl Scout troop into two separate middle schools, those kids will hopefully reunite later at Boyd.  I was previously in Wolford/Evans/Boyd, but I’m in favor of Wolford/Dowell/Boyd.
Rezoning McNeil Elementary to three separate middle schools is unfair to the students for the following reasons:
– Faubian (our proposed new middle school) is a approximately 5 miles from our home, and crosses a major roadway (US 75). This will be difficult for our family based on the time to get to this school – both by personal transit and bussing. This distance w
Pllease consider leaving the Arbor Glen and Avana apartments area in the Evans zone.  It is a small number of middle school kids that will not have a large impact on the capacity at Evans. (the number of estimated high school children during last years’ rezoning was approximately 50)
Please also look at the area at Bumpass St. which continues to be bussed to Evans.  At the high school rezoning it was mentioned by ———————————— that the community was thankful to be going to McKinney High.  It relieved many  transportation hardships, and allowed more parental involvement. If these middle school kids  were allowed to go to Faubion it would provide the same transportation relief for the middle school children and parents.
Thanks for all your work on these issues.
There are a few reasons we would like to see a different proposal for the middle school changes. Our students attend McNeil, probably the smallest elementary in the district. It concerns us that this smaller population will be even smaller if split between different campuses. It also seems crazy for us to pass several schools to take our children to Dowell; can the Evans population be shifted for those close to Dowell to attend there so there is room for those of us this far south. Another concern is when our students go to High School, the will be separated again from their friends, seeing as how McNeil is slotted to go to  McKinney High. Please reconsider this zoning change. We agree that Evans needs to be reduced in population, however the means in doing so have us concerned on many levels. Your time on this matter is greatly appreciated and quite a task to under take; please let us know how we can be of more help and support for your efforts. After looking over all the maps on the website, no suggestions can be given due to the size of the map. If there is a way to get a zoom-able map, with school populations, that would be helpful in giving specific suggestions.
I feel very strongly about keeping my kids with their elementary school friends when they go to middle school, and as it sits now they won’t be with the majority of them.  Middle school is a hard adjustment as it is and I think that when boundary lines change, they should change for entire schools (i.e. boundaries for middle schools should include entire elementary school boundaries).   Not that I want my kids to change elementary schools, but I’d rather change earlier than wait until middle school make them leave their friends.  It’s already crazy that Fairview kids have to go to school so far away, when There are closer schools.  Fairview kids should go to school in Fairview.
The grandfathered children at McNeil, I am told there are 5 and I am one of those families, will have their school community completely broken up.
I have sent a letter to each of the board members with my specific concerns and how this would affect my child personally that I humbly ask you reach to read.
I am writing concerning middle school zoning changes for McNeil Elementary which involves removing the children from Evans and moving them to either Dowell Middle School or Faubion Middle School while certain students would attend Evans due to older siblings. While I understand this move is to alleviate crowding at Evans, it is to the detriment of students at McNeil by splitting them up. Let’s keep these kids together while still attaining the goals of diversity and lessening overcrowding of certain schools. In an ideal world, the students would remain at Evans, however due to overcrowding at Evans, it would make more sense for the all students to remain together and attend Dowell Middle School which would disrupt families the least.
1) We are a smaller campus compared to some others, and the 99 McNeil fifth graders are a small, tight unit and splitting the students up between the three middle schools could be harmful socially to the students at a time when they are already going through a major period of change. Not all children readily accept change. My child is one of those children who began kindergarten with an iep to help him with structure and change. As he has grown, things have improved but he still is one of those kids who thrive on continuation and an expected path.
2) The distance from our home to the new proposed middle school Faubion is a problem for us. I understand my son will be bussed to and from school. However, there is no transportation for after school activities. He will no longer have the opportunity to enjoy extra curricular activities (such as chess club and academic uil that he is looking forward to) or be able to stay after to make up a test without hardship due to transportation issues. My husband and I due to our schedules and situations are not available. With the closer proximity to Dowell (and currently Evans) on our side of town, a neighbor would have been able to assist me with any after school activities. If my son attends Faubion, that help with transportation for after extra curricular activities is no longer an option and my son would miss out on enriching his middle school experience.
3)MISD is all about socio-economic diversity in the district. More so than some other elementary schools, McNeil consists of a wide variety of socio and economic backgrounds. This group of students together easily represents what MISD is striving for.
Please do not approve the proposition to split up McNeil Elementary. There are alternatives to achieve the goals of MISD, and I look forward to a resolution.
Thank you,
I just wanted to voice my opinion that I am in favor of switching to Dowell Middle School. It’s actually a little closer for our neighborhood kids!
What is the current time line for the new middle school that I understand is to be located at Hardin and 121?  Obviously there will be further “rezoning” at that point as well.  Will the Fairview Kids who are being relocated with this go round be relocated again for that school?
I agree with the proposed map for middle school rezoning to alleviate the overcrowding at Evans.  At the middle school level, I feel grandfathering should NOT be allowed.  This will continue to keep Evans extremely overcrowded for another year.  I would also suggest to allow the citizens of McKinney to vote on the approval/disapproval of socioeconomic diversity in MISD.  I have reviewed the statistics and test scores and  it is NOT beneficial to the children.   Let the citizens decide!  I know many families who avoid living in McKinney because of the zoning philosophy.
I object to the proposed rezoning map due to the fact that the Arbor Glen neighborhood has been rezoned from Evans to Dowell. This is a very small population of students that currently attend Wolford. Under the proposed rezoning map, they will be split from their Wolford friends who will attend Evans. Considering the small size of that neighborhood, it doesn’t seem to make sense to split them from their elementary school friends and send them to Dowell. I would like to see all of Wolford continue together to Evans.
Thank you.
I oppose the current proposed zoning changes.  By splitting McNeil elementary students into two different schools, the district is destroying the sense of community.  This elementary school has socioeconomic diversity which should be carried in it’s entirety to the middle school and high school levels.  Instead of splitting up ANOTHER school and community… Why not reunite existing schools and communities that are split through zoning?  For example, students that attend Bennett Elementary are currently split to two middle schools, one being Evans.  Perhaps a more sensitive and beneficial choice would be to zone all of the Bennett students to Dowell.  This would help with the overcrowding at Evans.  And, why does the district insist on making students from the far East edges of the city commute for over 45 minutes to school daily at Evans?  This is a hardship for these families.  This distance makes it a great challenge to help their students participate in extracurricular activities, tutoring, and the retaking of exams for absences.  I propose that the district look into rezoning these families for Faubion which is closer in proximity for the families,  this would also help alleviate the crowding at Evans and help these families.
Additionally, the distance to the proposed new middle schools for McNeil students and families is greater.  This increased distance means more wear and tear on the roads, our cars, and our environment (pollution).  This greater distance will also cost the district due to wear and tear on the buses and finances for gas for the buses.
I am pleading with you to re-examine your proposal to help save money for the community, to help save money for the district, but most importantly to help save the sense of community that is deeply established through the relationships established at McNeil.
I do not agree with the proposed boundary changes.  I have a son that is in 7th grade and he takes the bus to and from school every day.  I have a younger child that will not be grandfathered in (he is in Kindergarten).  Driving my middle school-er to and from school every day would be a huge hardship for our family, not to mention an inconvenience.  I cannot even imagine the additional traffic in and around the school for parents who are grandfathered in.  Please keep the boundaries the same!
Would love to allow the citizens of McKinney to vote on the socioeconomic zoning of schools. There is no data to suggest that this type of zoning is helpful. Let the citizens of McKinney make the choice.
Just the other day I noticed MISD does not zone elementary to middle to High School. What I am trying to say is the zoning is Chaos. It looks like there are three difference people zoning the elementary, middle, and high schools and they do not talk to each other. MISD is splitting up our Kids.
We would like our 6th grader to have the opportunity to finish middle school at Evans via grandfather and continue bus service to Evans. Having to start middle school all over again at a new school as a 7th grader would be very unsettling. We understand that our current 2nd grader would automatically go to Faubion based on the rezoning, when that time comes.
My child is currently zoned for Evans Middle School. Under the new proposal, she will attend Dowell, which is further away. Most of her classmates will be sent to Faubion, which is also further than Evans. Not only does this take away from the notion of neighborhood schools, she has been preparing to go to Evans this year. They have had programs from Evans at their school, introducing them to the fine arts programs and she has been looking forward to that. McNeil only has 99 5th graders, roughly half of which have been together since kindergarten. Why split up a close knit, culturally diverse school at this point?
I live in Arbor Glen and I support the proposed map.  My kids currently attend Evans.  After a few days of thinking about things if I didn’t have kids in middle school, I would feel the importance of keeping them with their elementary school group.  However, now that my kids are in middle school, I believe our neighborhood has the opportunity to give our kids a chance to stay with the same friends they make in middle school in high school.  With hindsight, I would choose the split from friends to take place from elementary rather than from middle school.  As much as I can see both sides, I would prefer to maintain the new proposed map for the Arbor Glen neighborhood.
I support the proposed rezoning map.  The Arbor Glen neighborhood has been moved many times and I’ve always wondered why it doesn’t align with Dowell like the neighborhood to the west, and north of it.  With the approval of this new map the kids in our neighborhood can now ride their bikes to school without having to cross Lake Forest (they can use the provided underpass).  As much as a split after elementary school may be difficult, 6th grade is a time when all students are apprehensive and new to the situation.  I’d rather the split occur then if given the option than after middle school.  I fully support the map that rezones Arbor Glen to Dowell and I hope you continue to do so as well.
How will the Bus Routes take into account the horrible traffic at Eldorado & 75 plus the traffic up the 75 to Faubion?  Parent involvement and access to our students will be negatively impacted by the rezoning.
2 things:
1:If we were to build a new school re-zoning would still be needed correct?
2:What is the justification having us drive our son past one middle school to go to another further away?
According to this proposed, my daughter that is in 6th grade at Evans will have to make another change in school to Faubion, which looks much further away from Evans from us. I know that the DFW area is growing with a lot of new families moving here since it is a growing area after the great recession. I know we moved here two years about because there were no jobs in our own area for me.  My children have moved from area to area over the years due to my profession. I was hoping that I could keep them from having more change.  I am very opposed to the changes. It seems like the map does not make sense of why and how these schools were picked for each area.  We live Evans. I wanted my youngest daughter to stay there for entire 3 years. I have been through personally been through a school closure when I was entering into the 4th grade where they were going to send us to one school then a week before school changed their minds and we went to another school. That was very hard for us since many of my friends did not come to the school, I went to. Then we met up again in middle school to be separated in high school. I do not want that for my children. It is hard enough for them dealing with moving for my career. Now this! Do not do it!
I would like some clarification on the 203 students that will go from Dowell to McKinney High after the rezoning takes place.  The maps for Middle and High school zoning show that only the children from from McNeil (and only part of them) will go on to High from Dowell.  That is certainly not 203 students.  There are only about 80-90 students from McNeil total.
My children currently attend McNeil Elementary.  It seems that we will be re-zoned to go to Faubion. Can you please confirm?
Given that Evans is much closer to where we are located, do we have a choice to enroll our kids at Evans (if we provide our own transportation)?
Just FYI
Never got a phone call to join Town Hall meeting, not on home phone nor cell.   This system needs to be looked at, many were not contacted.
We get MANY calls DAILY from Evnas and Boyd so I am sure our number is in the MISD phone system.
How will this effect class sizes in the schools that are getting more students?
The Vistas of Eldorado neighborhood seems to be the only neighborhood west of 75 that is being rezoned from Evans to Faubion. My daughter is currently at Evans and the majority of McNeil friends are being rezoned for Dowell. It looks like Dowell would be a bit closer for us to drive rather than going to Faubion. My question is would it be possible for you to include the Vistas of Eldorado neighborhood to be rezoned for Dowell instead of Faubion? There are only about 6 children that are my daughters current age living in this neighborhood that would be rezoned.
I appreciate the online Town Hall meeting. This is a great forum! I am clear that we are and will remain zoned for Johnson and North. I have a child entering Johnson in 2015/16, but also have a 7 and 1 year old. My concern/ question is what the future holds for zoning in Elementary schools for our neighborhood since I have 3 children all very spread out in age. Any insight into how our zoning may change would be appreciated!
I am listening to the town hall as a write this. My daughter is only in 2nd grade at McNeil Elementary. I don’t necessarily mind that she’ll wind up at Dowell, it’s a really good school and not that far away. And Evans has been overcrowded for years, I know this first-hand because my two older daughters (now ages 20 and 15) went through Evans and it was very crowded when they were there.
With that said, I do think you aren’t giving enough consideration to the concerns of the McNeil parents. Specifically, the fact that our students will be split from their friends, their community, at the middle school level, then they will make new friends in middle school only to be likely split from those friends when they go to high school. Continuity is very important and really should be a factor considered in this process. And it sounds like there are parents from some of the other elementary schools who feel this is an opportunity to include their neighborhoods in the rezoning so their children can have more continuity in the transition from elementary school to middle school.
Again, I am glad you are finally trying to address the overcrowding at Evans, and to a lesser extent at Cockrill. I just think that maybe this plan is not quite where it needs to be yet. I know you will never be able to make everyone happy, but if you would please take a little more time to look at your proposal with the concerns of so many parents in mind, I believe a better plan can be made.
As an aside … how are no new bus routes being added with this proposed plan? If students already attending Evans will be allowed to remain, yet a 5th grade student in the same neighborhood winds up now going to Dowell, won’t you have two bus routes going through the same neighborhood? That part confused me.
Thank you.
I like the proposed map, but would like to have a chance to voice my opinion if it changes. Also, I would love to be able to hold a vote on this socio-economic mess!! The kids hate it, the parents hate it, it makes no sense to pay $45,000 a year (per bus) to bus kids all over this city!!! You mentioned how great all of the schools are in McKinney, so why can’t we just send the kids to the school that they live by? We are the only (or one of the only) places in Texas that does this. It needs to change and it would solve so many of these rezoning issues!!! Please consider taking a citywide vote on this. Thank you for your time.
I attempted to leave a voicemail but was somehow cut off so here is my question in full:
My question is regarding the swath of land east of 75 that has been changed from either Cockrell or Evans middle school to Faubion middle school. This area is largely industrial and has a high number of apartments as well as some empty land. I recall hearing discussion of a HUD housing development/apartment complex proposed in the coming years for the area close to 75/121.  My concern is that this would add a significant increase of socioeconomically disadvantaged children to Faubion middle school which already has a large portion of socioeconomically disadvantaged children.  This would put a strain on the resources for this middle school which ultimately impacts each child.  I would very much like to know if this housing project has indeed been approved in the McKinney ISD zone area and if the children will indeed go to Faubion and what the district plans to lessen the impact of a large increase in socioeconomically disadvantaged families.
I have a 7th grader at Evans and a 5th grader at Bennett.  After having spent 6 years developing friendships with peers at Bennett our children then have to move to Evans while all other students that attend Bennett move to Dowell together. Then after building friendships with friends from Evans they will go to Boyd when most (if not all, I’m unclear on this point) of their Middle School peers will then go to North.  The reason given to a caller was that it would require adding another bus route which was not cost effective.  However their is another neighborhood even farther from Dowell called Parkview Estates that is zoned for Dowell.  I would assume you already provide busing for these students.  While I understand you have the daunting task of working within a confined budget as well as trying to provide the best education possible to our community.  However, it does seem a little unfair that the children in our neighborhood have to make this difficult adjustment  twice and at very critical times when like it or not social ties are huge and play a integral role in our children’s lives and well being.  This is not a preference for Wolford/Bennett, Dowell/Evans or Boyd/High.  I would just think their would be some way to make this transition a little easier at some phase given it is such a small number.
I would also be willing to drive my students to Dowell no busing required for the opportunity to keep them with friends that we as parents have had the opportunity to get to know.  As it is much more challenging to get to know students and their families once they are in Middle School.
I hope you will at least consider this as you make your vote.
I wanted to make sure my daughter ———————————— is going to stay at Cockrill . I looked at the map , did not fully understand the changes.
Thanks for all you do .
How many students will attend Evans and then Boyd with the new zoning proposal for middle schools?
Looking at the proposed attendance zones, I have a question about what the anticipated percentages of economically disadvantaged students  will be at each of the middle schools under the new plan?  Currently they are as follows:
Dowell- 22.4
Evans- 22.7
Faubion- 30.4
Cockrill- 26.7
Johnson- 50.7
Under the new plan, Malvern will go to Faubion.  It is 70% economically disdvantaged.  This will greatly increase the amount of economically disadvantaged at Faubion, which already has one of the highest percentages.  Will this qualify Faubion as Title I, therefore getting addtional funds?
I have a child in the 7th grade at Evans and I have a 4th grader at McNeil who will be zoned for Faubion with no grandfathering option. The proposed zoning change means that we are rezoned to the 4th most distant middle school from our neighborhood. There is only one middle school further from us than Faubion. (And I disagree with the board member that said that all the schools are close to us.) This rezoning adds at least 20 minutes to our drive each day. There are a number of Stonebridge neighborhoods that are closer to Faubion than ours. If you really feel the need to split up the schools along socioeconomic lines, why do all the Stonebridge neighborhoods get zoned for schools within 5 minutes of their homes while we have to drive farther (20 minutes each way through traffic and construction) to satisfy the socioeconomic diversity requirements? It seems that you have again made zoning decisions on a “Stonebridge First” basis. In the zoning process, have you considered how difficult it will be to get our children to and from school from our neighborhood? Are there any distance considerations? If not, why are you giving distance preference to Stonebridge neighborhoods?
My student is currently enrolled in McNeil Elementary. Her entire 5th grade class will be part of the rezoning. My student has struggled in recent years with adjusting to different schools due to living in McKinney and zoned for Allen with her other parents’ address. She has severe anxiety and panic attacks and has been in our home at ————————————, attending McNeil Elementary for the past 2 years. She has finally made some good friends that live very close to the school. While we would be zoned for Dowell, every single one of the friends she has worked so hard to make will attend Faubion school. I implore the district to consider rezoning them to Dowell in lieu of Faubion.
We listened in on the Town Hall Meeting this evening and were very discouraged. It seemed as though any questions about keeping the children together close by (to either Evans or Dowell), weren’t answered, were shut down or given a terrible excuse. I was online with a group of parents that were in line to have their question asked and almost all of them did not have their call taken. Instead, people who were in favor of the rezoning seemed to take priority.
My son attended Dowell because he is special needs and we applied for transfers every single year. I was excited to see the expansion happening as he transitioned into high school and I’m excited that my daughter will have the opportunity to attend there. For her friends attending McNeil now, Faubion is very far away for these children. They are nowhere near the vicinity of the communities by that school. This move for them will tear their relationships, not to mention the travel time for parents who will have students in after school activities.
Please consider keeping the children at McNeil in a middle school closer to them and together. I understand that high school will impose the same trouble. You are talking about more mature students that need diversity. Middle school is a very awkward age for children and they need as much support and stability as they can possibly attain. Breaking them up for middle school and again in high school is a major area of concern.
Thank you for your time,
I understand from the town hall meeting last night that about 300 students are being moved from Evans to Dowell and then rising on to MHS. I honestly cannot figure out why the Board wouldn’t consider having the Wolford/Evans students (around the same number) move to Dowell as they then would be joined earlier with a population of students who then move up to Boyd for High School (as they do now while the rest of Evans goes to MHS) – thus creating a more seamless education and social experience while also creating an easier transition at a time when it is most important for students as they enter high school. The vast majority of Wolford students are less than, or right at, 2 miles from Dowell and shouldn’t create new bus routes.  The only thing I  think of that is standing in the way of such logic is the socio-economic busing policies of MISD and the goal of trying to keep students from upper income families at Evans, even if it is to their detriment. As we continue to be the only school district in the entire state using outdated policies that are proven not to work, I really think it is time for the district to bring this policy to a vote of all parents and property owners in MISD.
I am very upset about the Middle School Boundary adjustments. We moved to this neighborhood because it was zoned for Cockrill Middle school. My son has attended Cockrill for 2 years and is extremely happy there and receiving straight A’s. He is also on the football team and Choir. I hate that he would have to give this up!  We were looking forward to my daughter attending next year. She has been attending Malvern elementary and has had huge issues with bullying. Kids make fun of her for being blonde. White is the minority at Malvern and she does not feel safe. We took comfort knowing she only had to make it through this last year and she would feel safe once she was at Cockrill. Now I find out she will have to go to Faubian and from what I understand, it is worse that Malvern! I am beyond infuriated and plan to fight this with everything I have.
I was the last speaker last night on the town hall call. I was cut off before I was allowed to finish. The first concern I had was that the presentation of the grandfathering plan has failed to make it clear that those who qualify must provide their own transportation.  I feel like that should be stated more clearly. This puts McNeil kids at 3 different schools which is an unfair position to put our elementary community in.  But my biggest concern that wasn’t heard in its entirety is that McNeil kids will still be zoned for MS while most if not all of the rest of the Dowell students will be zoned for Boyd. You are isolating our students and we ask that you revisit the proposed boundary changes and adjust them so as not to create this situation. The woman who addressed my concern stated that they would not be isolated since there would be 200 students going from Dowell to MHS. I believe those numbers include only McNeil students and are inaccurate due to the kids who will stay at Evans. And it is still a small isolated group comparatively speaking.  Please consider moving kids who are already zoned for Boyd to Dowell or move a larger population of students zoned for MHS to Dowell.
In response to last night’s phone call I would like to share my disappointment in how it went. There were far more parents in the Arbor Glen neighborhood allowed to speak than McNeil parents who were in line to speak. Just statistically speaking that seems strange since they are a much smaller group.  There were many McNeil parents with great ideas who had requested to speak.  Also, since the questions were being screened, those who were just calling to say thanks or to ask if this change affects them shouldn’t have been allowed to speak. They should have been directed to the website or just had their thanks noted but not given air time. I was also disappointed in the gentleman who couldn’t pronounce Faubion as well as in the board who kept incorrectly hearing questions or did not answer them accurately. And laughing at the fact that a neighborhood was left off the map?? Really? I’m afraid this rezoning issue has not been thoroughly examined and lacks community input and should be postponed.
We are not affected by the re-zoning – we are currently zoned for Evans and will stay there since we are walking distance to the school.  After listening to the town hall meeting last night, I have a suggestion for the Board.  Stanford Meadow is currently zoned Bennett-Evans-Boyd, and their complaint is that they are the only neigborhood at Bennett that doesn’t go to Dowell.  Why not switch them to Wolford?   They are walking distance to the school (which was the rationale for keeping them at Evans).  Then take the Arbor Hollow neighborhood (that is proposed to move to Dowell), and move them from Wolford to Glen Oaks.  Then they wouldn’t be the only Wolford neighborhood that goes to Dowell, they would follow the same path as the rest of Glen Oaks.
My student is currently at Wolford, will go to Evans and will remaine zoned for Evans under the proposed plan. I have had one child graduate from Boyd, and another still attends there.
I have no issues with my Wolford student going to either Evans or Dowell.  However, I do want to to  voice my concern that the Arbor Hollow area remain zoned for Boyd.
Our perception of the schools in MISD is that all are fine schools, so any issues with rezoning are not related to one being “better” than the other.  Rather, our concern has always been about proximity to the school we attend, especially at the High School level.   I realize this is not the view the board currently holds, but want to voice my opinion.
Once again, you are breaking up a neighborhood as you tried to do with Boyd/High rezoning.  These kids have grown up together and should stay together!!  Why you are shipping kids from the other side of 75 is beyond unreasonable.  My older kids, who are at Boyd, went to Evans (which is just up the street) and so will my current 5th grader.  You need to stop CARVING neighborhoods!!!!!!!
My twin boys are currently in 5th grade.  The new plan would have my boys change from Evans to Faubion Middle School.  They are both very distressed at this change as all their friends will be continuing to Evans.  (I sat down with them and went through the list…”all” is not an exaggeration in this case.  Even their friends in our neighborhood are going to be grandfathered into Evans).
I understand the need to rezone, with growth this is inevitable.  But splitting kids from their friends is a harsh consequence.  So although I understand why you are rezoning, I do not understand why the grandfathering clause is so narrow, and the Student Transfer Petition Guidelines so strict.
This is my petition: Allow those of us that are being forced into different schools choose.  We would of course be responsible for transportation.  This would not be difficult to include this in your planning and I believe it would make the transition much more peaceful.
Kind regards,
We are 100% for Fairview going to Faubion.  It is much closer.  Evans is very far for Fairview residents and the kids are on the bus a long time.
Dir Sirs and Madams,
Our neighborhood currently is zoned for Bennett Elementary and then Evans Middle School.  The problem with this is that all of the friends our kids will make in their elementary school career will go to Dowell. To make matters worse, once they get to Evans, half of the friends they will make there will then go onto McKinney High School, while our neighborhood kids will go to Boyd.  Once again causing an inconsistency in their scholastic and personal lives.
I actually tried to contact members of the administration several times over the spring and summer to discuss this matter, but my calls were NEVER returned.
Now that my son is a kindergartener at Bennett, I would like to keep him there and then have him and the rest of our neighborhood go onto Dowell.  It is my understanding that this only effects 6-12 children per year, so I REALLY have a difficult time understanding why the district has taken such a hard line on this and has been so unflexible and unwilling to listen to the parents/taxpayers of Stanford Meadow over the past several years regarding this issue.
However, if you see fit to keep the Middle School zoning as is, I would ask that our neighborhood be re-zoned for Wolford so that our kids can maintain a consistency in their friendships throughout their scholastic careers.
Thank You for your Consideration.
I believe all schools in McKinney are good. I do not have a problem being zoned to a different school. HOWEVER, I feel strongly that the less than 100 students at McNeil should ALL be rezoned for the same school. I am asking that you re-evaluate the proposed change and keep the McNeil students together for the transition to middle school.
I am strongly in favor of the proposed zoning map and moving my kids to Dowell Middle School.  This change will more closely align our neighborhood with other neighborhoods in the area.  Additionally, moving students to Dowell will provide a better longer-term solution for both Evans and Dowell due to the increased capacity at Dowell from the recent construction.
Why are the children that live across the street from  Dowell sent over to Cockrill?  We can see Dowell from our neighborhood enterance. It just seems more convenient for parents and students.
My kids currently go to Minshew. According to your boundary map they will be going to Middle School all the way out to Cockrill which looks like is part of a huge zone. Dowell is virtually across the street from Minshew and our neighborhood and is part of a much smaller zone. Why would the zone areas not be more consistent in size and wouldn’t it make more sense for my kids to go to Dowell? I understand it looks like Virginia Pkwy is the boundary line, but I think it’s pretty ridiculous to ship our kids all the way to Cockrill when Dowell is across the street. Please reconsider your boundary lines and making the zone sizes consistent from one school to the next. Thanks!
I understand re-zoning.  It makes sense when needed.  However, I believe in community as well.  I am a coach and my son and daughter has made great friends, we hope for life.  Now you want to split them up.  That doesn’t work for me and all the parents we spoke with.  If you are going to re-draw the lines, fine.  Draw them in a way that makes sense.  Expand or reduce boundaries as needed but, leave the neighborhoods alone.  It makes no sense to drive by one school on the way to another. Diversity is just another word for busing.  In every study done, kids do better in the schools within his or her community.  Low income to high income all the studies say the same thing.  You guys’ job is to educate our kids and not to try and perform social experiments on them.  My children get plenty of diversity through sports, church, and social events we attend.  It is my job as a parent to make sure of that.  Not yours!  Your jobs are to educate our children period! Please quit drawing crooked extended lines and leave our neighborhoods/communities alone and do your jobs which is supposed to be the education of our children. If Dowell need some more kids get them from closer to Dowell not over here in the Evans neighborhood.
It is very difficult to tell from the proposed zoning map if we would be Evans still or now Dowell.  If Dowell, that makes little sense as you appear to have the rest of this neighborhood remaining at Evans sans just a few houses.  Please reconsider including all of Thorntree Dr to remain at Evans.
We love the new change to dowell! McNeil being split up is an AWESOME thing- the moms are very caddy and bully and do not work well with others- they need to be split up and this new change will give a chance for all the moms that get pushed around to have a new start away from the others!!!
I am a parent from McNeil Elementary and I oppose the rezoning boundaries!
My name is ———————————— and I feel like this is one of the most important letters I will ever write.
I have a daughter in 6th grade at Evans and a daughter in 4th grade at McNeil. I would be one of a handful of families grandfathered for Evans.
I want you to be clear how  the proposed zoning changes would personally effect my family.
On January 15 we had a house fire in the middle of the night. We lost over half of our belongings, all of our clothes and literally ran out of the house with the clothes on our backs.
My community, my family, Mcneil Elementary literally saved us from certain despair.
The support we received was absolutely incredible and humbling. Everything from clothing drives, gift card drives, a combined event between McNeil and Papa Murphy’s pizza, and people literally just walking up to my husband and I and handing us heartfelt messages and what help they could give us. I could go on and on because the love and support continues to this day. My community has been there for me 100% and the thought of having that community broken up is absolutely devastating to me and my family.
The single most important thing in searching for a new home was to find a house where the children would be able to continue to go to McNeil and Evans and remain with the children that they have grown up with. We didn’t even look for houses outside of our community. It just was not an option after the support that we have received. We were lucky enough to be able to find a house directly across the street from our previous home.
My children have suffered a lot. They lost a beloved pet in the fire and
having to tell her, my youngest, that she is about to lose her  community also, is an unbearable thought for me.
McNeil is a small school it’s a very tight community. I encourage you to do absolutely everything you can to keep our school, our community from being ripped apart.
Sincerely, ————————————
I am for the suggested changes to relieve over crowding in the middle schools. We support Evans as our middle school choice. We would recommend adopting Frisco ISD hours to accommodate changes in travel times for some families.
I oppose our neighborhood yet again being rezoned. We were bounced to Bennett elementary in 2005 until 2007. Then moved to McNeil. Now here we are again  getting moved in middle school. I have 2 sons in Evans. One currently in 6th and one in 7th. If this change is to occur over this summer,  my older son will be moved to Dowell.  My younger son is in FAC and will remain at Evans as per federal law pertaining to special ed students, ie.  he gets to attend the school closest to our home with his program. I’m so tired of how mckinney divides up the district and busses students all over town. Try taking a page from Frisco ISD and create NEIGHBORHOOD schools.
We would really appreciate the ability for our son to be grandfathered into staying at Evans MS to finish out his 7th and 8th grade years. He really enjoys the staff and would like to continue at a school that he is comfortable at and enjoys.
Also, since we are the most southern subdivision Evans MS is the closest to our home at only 3 miles away. The other middle schools would be farther away and would be difficult to get our son to school early for tutorials or for band practice.
I would be interested in seeing more proposals that would shift attendance east of 75.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Please do not separate the Mcneil kids. Starting middle school is stressful to the kids having familiar faces helps with adjusting. Please keep all the kids in one middle school instead of having some go to Dowell and others Faubion. Thanks for your consideration.
Seriously you raised our taxes in McKinney and told everyone it was “for the kids”. Great job pulling on the heart strings of people when we all knew it was a bunch of BS. In stead of using the money to build new schools, which clearly we need, you used it to fund your pockets. If this was run like a real business you could have found ways to lean it up and cut costs without the kids suffering. You raised the taxes but somehow my kids are asked at school to do fundraisers to help generate money for the school. This is the reason why Plano ISD, Frisco ISD and others are more superior to us. So you think a higher student to teacher ratio makes sence and that’s the way you solve the problem? This is why kids are leaving the school district and going to the charter schools. Great, now my kids are going to suffer educationally while I pay 8,000 a year in school taxes because the school board is run by a bunch of idots. Way to go MISD, way to go.
I plan on keeping my child at Evans next year, however I think it would be nice for the district to help find transportation solutions or recommendations for the children who are grandfathered in.
We moved from Allen to MISD in hopes of attending schools that seemed to care more about the students and a district that felt smaller  (even if it isn’t technically smaller).  I am disappointed that my kids will have to go further when we have a middle and high school that are so close. It scares me that I will have teens driving across 380 once they get to high school. Why don’t we go to the schools by us? Are there plans to build another middle school or high school? Also, while I am voicing my opinion…the reason I don’t find Cockrill appealing is because it looks like a prison with no windows or trees. Can we do something to make it more inviting to the students?
You guys need to follow a geographic location instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. People move to certain areas so kids can go to better schools. You geniuses decide to bus kids all over town to better your so called numbers. I’m sorry they live where they live but don’t punish our kids by shipping them off or as you put it “economic diversity”. Put it back to geographic like most districts do. It will be much easier and when people buy a house that won’t have to worry that every year you guys are going to come up with some other boundary lines. Quit trying to reinvent the wheel. It’s a BIG waste of time!
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