McKinney TRE: Early Voter Analysis

The Early Voters have spoken. 

6,669 votes were cast.  By local standards, this was massive.

In the May 2013 local election, we had 2,920 ballots cast. Early votes even exceeded the total cast in the May 2009 election that featured the epic George Fuller vs. Brian Loughmiller mayoral battle.

How does this compare against the Obama/Romney election? Not even close. Over 52,000 McKinney residents voted in this election. Over 10,000 voted in the primary.

Demographics of the TRE Early Voters

The average age was 51.1 and had voted in 5.1 previous elections.

907 of the 2.,557 employees of McKinney ISD voted, with 519 of them being teachers. Don’t be so sure that they all voted “Yes”. {smirk}

Here is the graphical breakdown of the ages of the voters.


So, what does all of this mean? 

I have no idea.  MISD employees were obvious motivated to vote and parents were threatened.

But, the older regular voters turned out as well.

There should be a lot of arm twisting at the Election Day Learning Expo. 

And a lot of sweaty, nervous administrators.



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