MISD Shakedown – Teachers: Treasure or Trash?

misdMISD Teachers: Treasure or Trash?

Imagine the excitement of becoming a teacher for the very first time and immediately having your job threatened, if an election measure does not pass. This is happening to the teachers of the McKinney Independent School District.

Our teachers should be treated as a treasure, not the trash.

McKinney ISD is threatened jobs and vital programs, for the second time in three years, blaming Austin for their financial woes. This is nothing new.

“The McKinney school board this week adopted a budget that calls for a property tax increase”. “School officials blamed declines in state funding and surging student enrollment as the main culprits behind the increase, which came even after officials trimmed more than $3 million from the budget .” 1

Sound familiar? It is a quote from 2002. If you look hard enough, you will hear the same boasts about cutting costs and whining about Austin every year.

This feels like the movie “Groundhog Day”, only not funny or amusing.

Autopsy of the Great MISD 2011 Cost Savings Measures

Here is what the district claims at the McKinney ISD website:


In the TRE 2013 Presentation3, the district states the following:


In addition, officials from McKinney ISD, members of the McKinney Board of Trustees, and members of the Pro Tax PAC have attempted to scare parents with threats including:

School board President Curtis Rippee said. “You can either cut 10 million out of the budget or you can raise the tax rate and the board felt like cutting additional costs out of the district would start to impact significant programs.” Rippee also noted “In 2011, we felt like we could cut all that we could cut, the board felt that cutting again would harm the quality of the education system in McKinney.”4

The district eliminated “135 jobs” according to Edd Bigbee, the district’s chief financial officer. “Nobody in the district did this,” he added, “The state put us in this position.

Reality of the 2011 Cuts and Salary Freeze

This chart shows the salaries before the 2011 cuts compared to the salaries at McKinney ISD, as of July 15, 2013.

salaries5 and 6

  • District headcount has grown from 2,332 to 2,557 while the salaries have increased 1.8% from $114 million to nearly $117 million.
  • Number of teachers decreased by 140, saving the district $6.4 million.
  • Total Support Staff increased by 61 positions.
  • Number of Administrators increased by 37.
  • Teacher’s received the lowest salary increase of 2.2%, while the non campus administrators were awarded an average of 8.6% increases.

Here are the members of the district’s “Over 100K Klub”


Meanwhile, the Board of Trustees for the McKinney ISD got equally serious (smirk) about making equally significant “cuts”. Board traveled decreased in 2011, after citizen’s complaint’s, but increased in 2012.

As is his legacy, Wade Johnson was the champion traveler again in 2012, attending five conventions, meetings and seminars.


In other “cuts”, our elected officials decided that the best method to enrich our children’s education was to send money to the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB).


Who is TASB?

“When you need help, call TASB. TASB has decades of experience with Texas schools and can provide assistance in virtually every area of public school governance and operation. And, when you choose to work with your Association, you strengthen your own organization. Think TASB First when you need training, services, or specialized advice!

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

See more at https://rathpack.wordpress.com/

1 – “Taxes to leap despite budget cuts – $115 million – plan calls for 16-cent jump in district property rates”, Connie Piloto, The Dallas Morning News June 28, 2002.

2 – http://www.mckinneyisd.net/departments/communications/tre/


5 http://www.mckinneyisd.net/departments/communications/tre/tre_presentation.pdf?v=7

– http://web.archive.org/web/20120627035728/http://www.texastribune.org/library/data/government-employee-salaries/mckinney-isd/departments/communications-department/15681/

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8 – http://www.tasb.org/about/index.aspx

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