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McKinney ISD Shakedown – The Communication Department – How legit are the threats and the claims to cut Staff and Administrators?  Take a look at history.

McKinney ISD & NCLB Part 2 – How are minority kids doing in McKinney with No Child Left Behind?

McKinney ISD & NCLB Part 1 – What does No Child Left Behind uncover about McKinney ISD? How many schools in McKinney are failing the grade?

McKinney ISD versus Frisco ISD – McKinney used to have more and better schools than our neighbor. What happened?

McKinney ISD Salary Analysis – a peek at the 2011 salaries of McKinney ISD

McKinney ISD Performance Analysis – an extensive look at the test performance of McKinney ISD students

MISD In Trustees We Trust? – this is a blog written in 2010 about the antics of some members of the McKinney ISD Board of Trustees

Raw Data

McKinney ISD 2011 Salaries (Excel File)

McKinney ISD 2013 Salaries (Excel File)

 Admin Titles

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