McKinney ISD versus Frisco ISD

McKinney ISD versus Frisco ISD

Just how does McKinney compare to Frisco, our next door neighbor?

Growth in Population and Students – Frisco has experienced significant higher growth in their ISD.

Both cities have experienced rapid growth, with a large influx of school aged children.

Mck vs Frisco Pop

Since 2005, the city of McKinney has added 36,384 in population, while Frisco added 56,680. At the same time, Frisco ISD added 23,782 students, while McKinney ISD added 5,038 students.

Schools – Number and Quality – Frisco built more and higher quality schools.

Since 2005, Frisco has built 26 schools, while McKinney added 7.


In 2011, 34 Frisco schools were ranked Exemplary, while McKinney had 10.


Tax Rate

McKinney has consistently had a higher tax rate, near to the state maximum.

Tax Rate

Financials per Student – revenue is similar.

Revenue per Student increases have been similar.Revenue

Same with the Operating Expenditures.


Instructional Expenditures have increased getting closer to the state average.


College Bound Seniors Performance – similar achievement for both school systems.

McKinney vs Frisco passed testing requirements at a similar rate.

College Bound

SAT Scores are similar, as well.

SAT Scores

Economically Disadvantaged and Hispanic Students – McKinney has higher percentage than Frisco, but much lower than state average. 

McKinney has had a higher percentage of Economically Disadvantage and Hispanic Student Population than Frisco.


But much lower than the Texas state average.

Students vs State

Economically Disadvantaged Students Passing TAKS

Frisco does a significantly better job of educating the Economically Disadvantaged Students.

McKinney’s rate is only marginally better than the state average.



His %

Hispanics in McKinney performance has fallen since 2005, to the state average, in spite of the district’s Bilingual program.

MISD is planning on dedicating the “lion’s share” of 51 new personnel positions for the 2013-2014 school year to the district’s bilingual program. The new positions would incude a new administrator and 36 teachers.

His test

African American Students


McKinney student perform slightly better than the state average, although the percentage are declining.


McKinney Socio Economic Busing

Established by the MISD Board of Trustees in 2008, noting “economically disadvantaged students attending middle-class schools perform better, on average, than middle-class students attending high poverty schools.”

Geographic Balance



Socio-Economical Balance


Busing Costs


* Note that MISD claimed in 2008, that busing would cost the taxpayers, only $480,000.

McKinney ISD Socio Economic Presentation from 2008 can be found here.

Links for Additional Research

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  1. Susan Berger says:

    Thank you for this great analysis. I was out running errands this morning and couldn’t help but think about all the unnecessary cross traffic as a result of the zoning issues MISD has created.

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